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by:Changda     2020-06-16
No matter how great your product is, its success depends largely on the packaging you choose. In the age of appearance level, good packaging design is undoubtedly very important. Potential customers can only evaluate products through product packaging; It means you have no choice but to start with the packaging. Effective product packaging should play the following roles: Function & ndash; Packaging should protect your product during transportation and when displayed on shelves Attractive & ndash; Packaging should attract potential buyers to choose from all available options on the shelf to pick up and buy your product Facilitate and facilitate purchasing decisions & NDASH; Packaging should effectively provide information about your product, which may include sources, ingredients used, instructions for use, etc. This information is critical to help potential customers decide whether to buy. Differentiation & ndash; The packaging of your product should be unique enough that customers can easily identify it Following the following instructions will make your product packaging successful: 1. The packaging design should be simple Effective product packaging is about making the decision process as simple as possible for potential buyers. Customers immediately enter the area that displays your product, and they should be able to easily identify it from the rest. If it's a new product or if you're launching in a new market, simplicity is also critical. The name, brand name, packaging and description of your product should be easy to witness to promote and encourage prospective customers to purchase. 2. Describe what the product means In order to increase sales, you should not exaggerate the function of your product. Just state the facts and assure potential users based on the results of your product tests that expectations can be met. If you have a good product, you can be sure that sales will gradually increase thanks to positive feedback and reviews from satisfied users. On the other hand, exaggeration will ultimately hurt the sales potential of your product because you will have to deal with disappointed, dissatisfied and skeptical customers. 3. Target a specific audience If your product is designed for a specific market, make sure the packaging works. Just as with products, packaging is not universal. This also applies to products aimed at the same core audience. For example, different men like different cologne. Therefore, the packaging of different colognes cannot be the same. Audience-specific packaging helps simplify decision-making. Stand out from the competition Before launching your product, you should search the market for competitive advantages, among other factors. Based on what you see, you should be able to come up with a packaging design that will make your product stand out. Your goal should be to create a unique product package that greatly improves the game effort and is relevant. 5. Use quality materials Product packaging is indeed an important aspect of product development. It does require a lot of money. Nevertheless, the need to use high-quality packaging cannot be overemphasized. The packaging of your product must be good enough to make a strong first impression on potential buyers. Therefore, you must not be careless about quality. According to the budget, make full use of available resources and select good packaging materials. 6. Ease of use This is especially true for products whose packaging influences the way they are used. In this case, the packing design must be convenient. 8. Make sure the text (label) is readable All words on the package should be legible. Potential buyers should be able to quickly scan the instructions provided on the front and back of the product. This is critical for decision making, especially if the product is new or for a specific purpose. Several factors enhance the readability of the correct text, including font type, size and color, and the overall color scheme of the package. In addition, only the most important information should be printed on the front. Reserve the back side for auxiliary information.
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