A creative example of mooncake tin box packaging design

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Almost everything you buy these days comes in some form of packaging. If you buy cookies. Tea leaves, moon cakes, etc., all come in a box. If you want to buy drinks in the supermarket, you can pack them in cans or bottles. Most of us come into contact with packaging every day of our lives, but the truth is that we rarely feel too big about the packaging we touch. Surprised & throughout; Feeling. In fact, most packaging is designed to be as functional as possible. Of course, there are designs for brands, but when designing packages for most companies, the first priority is functional and logistical. But sometimes, companies choose to ignore traditional packaging design rules altogether and instead create novel features. New & throughout; Stunning packaging. These packaging designs are often strange (alien), but very creative. If you're thinking about redesigning your packaging, the Team has put together some creative and quirky packaging designs to inspire you. 1. Three-layer package of portable moon cake tin box. The package takes the traditional hand basket as the starting point and matches with the popular color elements. These mooncakes were designed for packaging during the holiday season and sold as decorative gift boxes. I'm sure they will be eye-catching and limited edition. This is not only a good sales strategy for the product, but also a good marketing plan. 2. Iron box packaging for electronic products. Electronic product packaging has a huge market, such as headphone packaging field, market competition is very competitive. On domestic e-commerce websites, you will see hundreds of thousands of different earphone packages, all of which have different designs. But one problem with earphone packaging is that most of them are generic and not designed to be personalized. Noticing this problem, the packaging design team decided to design the series of earphone packages shown below. As you can see, the unique design of the package is tailored to different personalities. The shape of the package USES headphones as part of the design. This is a very clever but somewhat strange packaging design.
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