Advantages and characteristics of metal packaging

by:Changda     2020-06-16
In the second half of the 20th century, the global obsession with plastics, including rigid and flexible packaging, led to the neglect of metal packaging. However, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection worldwide, metal packaging has been neglected in the 21st century. The metal packaging is unbreakable, easy to shape and decorate, completely free from oxygen, light, bacteria and pests. It can be recycled indefinitely, is a rich natural resource, can be converted naturally by oxidation, and can be easily extracted from waste by its magnetism. The first expeditions buried canned food in Antarctica that was completely edible and were discovered 60 years later by explorers. The new technology has made metal packaging a great success not only in food packaging but also in all kinds of personal and luxury goods. Cans today are about 30% lighter than they were 20 years ago, and innovative openings make them easier to use. The metal packaging itself is overdesigned in some cases, but it is favored by designers and consumers because it is recyclable and reusable. Although metal packaging is often nostalgic, it is often desirable in its own right. Cookie tins remind us of our mothers, when they were places to store thread, buttons, and sewing needles. People's perception of metal boxes is realistic, and consumers especially appreciate the reliability of tin cans; Canned goods are economical and metal packaging ensures quality throughout the supply chain. The truth is that the largest C02 emissions in retail are caused by refrigeration, but canned foods are more attractive. In the past, opening jars was a slightly more dangerous project. It leaves a jagged edge and can easily fall into the jar and hurt your hand. Of course, one might buy more expensive open-top magnets that extract serrated LIDS and even power switches. Now, with the real revolution in seals, capping and capping, these tools and techniques are obsolete. New seals and open seals, such as now, have transformed metal cans once used for pet food or baked beans into consumer-friendly containers that offer the most exotic delicacies. Innovative plastic caps can be used to reseal modern metal packaging. For example, Nestle sealed the inside of a can with innovative aluminum foil, which led to a plastic spoon being placed on top of the foil in its award-winning 2010 milk powder line. The use of this end seal and 'easy shovel' solution ADAPTS to many specific applications, greatly improving convenience, hygiene and safety In a competitive market, brands and packaging designers are always looking for new styling and printing techniques to enhance the natural shine and beauty of metals. But not all the latest technologies are universal. This seems to be particularly true since can suppliers are not always able to keep up with the trend towards thin-walled containers, and thickness uniformity itself is one to one. In addition, the packaging designer must work with a metal printing plant with old offset printing equipment. These metal decorators are not comparable to the halftone reproduction quality that is now readily available on single cartons and flexible packaging. Contemporary designers are very good at technology and naturally want the control that digital pre-press technology allows. They were confused by the mystique of traditional metal printers, and they just wanted to understand the process. Designers understand color separation and software layering tools, so they understand the printing process. They understand transparency and convex printing, and are ready to provide separation and plate ready files suitable for the metal decoration process. However, metal printing needs to be modernized to keep up with new metal packaging requirements. They need to explain the limitations of the process and its own constraints. This will encourage designers to adopt metal packaging, both to innovate and to take measures to control the quality and finished products that brand owners expect. Dominant metal packaging Metal packaging is one of the fastest growing packaging sectors in India due to customer confidence in the metal used in aerosol packaging and beverage cans. Although the market does favor plastic over metal due to its wide range of applications, manufacturers' high-end positioning of metal packaging has restored metal as a viable packaging proposition. In addition, the 100% recyclability of metal cans is favored by the majority of consumers, which is the future development trend of packaging industry.
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