Advantages of metal packing

by:Changda     2020-06-15
It is generally accepted that metal packaging is the right choice from an environmental point of view; It is considered as one of the environmentally friendly materials. It is recyclable, accounting for more than 80% of the metal packaging produced each year. This and other advantages of metals will be the focus of this article. Metal is more flexible than glass or paper As you might expect, many factors must be taken into account when deciding which packaging material to use for your products. Issues such as shape, weight, recyclability and cost must be addressed. In the food industry, for example, PET and other plastic containers are still widely used. One of the biggest benefits of metal boxes is their flexibility and rigidity. The shape of the metal can hold a variety of products and can be easily moulded into various shapes such as tin cans, trays and beverage cans. Transport and store plastic In addition, metal packaging usually takes up less space than glass, allowing more products to be stored in the same room. Metals are also much safer than glass, which benefits consumers who buy in bulk. Finally, from a logistical point of view, weight and space matters because more can be packed into a truck. Metals use less energy to recover Then there is the issue of recyclability. Both glass and metal containers can be recycled, but in reality the amount recycled from glass is less than that from metal packaging. Why is that? Because glass usually requires more energy to be recycled. The glass packaging Association points out that the use of recycled glass would take 66 per cent of the energy needed to make the average new glass, while the metal would cost only 10 per cent of the energy needed to produce the new metal. conclusion This is not to say that metals are always the best choice for manufacturers. No matter what you say, the metal packing is still heavy and will undoubtedly affect our shipping costs. Obviously, the whole society, and especially the packaging community, still needs to take some steps to solve this problem.
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