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by:Changda     2020-06-22
Everyday life many items exist safe hidden trouble especially food packages, all of these need the attention of people. What are the food packaging prone to security issues? Packaging manufacturer lists several common in life for you food packaging and it brings security hidden danger, and to find out together, we look at usual ignore 6 big hidden trouble. Canned straw: try to use transparent drink straws, generally used a lot of people find a drink through a straw always has a strange taste, in fact, there exists such a straw health concerns. According to the national standards, raw materials used in the production of straw, food-grade plastic is no taste, if you have taste is likely to be made of waste plastics processing. In order to get high profits, many vendors will also to cover with paint waste such as unqualified material, so the straw color more bright-coloured, the greater the security hidden danger. Especially when using straws to drink hot drinks, harmful substances dissolve absorbed by the body, may cause great harm to the liver, kidney. Consumers should try not to use disposable straw or use less, merchants should also realize the security identity when purchasing, transparent straw independent packing. Paper: avoid cup cup bottom & other; Blouse & throughout; 'Cup' national standard has been carried out for a long time, through the survey found that a lot of whole body with a group of paper cups or for sale in the market. Consumer is in when choosing to buy paper cups must avoid choosing colors bright, & other; In the glass with a cup of body within 15 mm distance, the bottom of the cup and cup body within 10 mm distance without any printing & throughout; The paper cups. Bags of milk: clean the packaging to drink milk packaging bags on blank is less, usually printed full company introduction and product design, most of these printing dye containing lead, many consumers the convenience to drink after bit it open for a long time, actually it's so easy to poisoning, lead after being absorbed by the body easily affect blood and gastrointestinal system. Therefore, when drinking milk bags packaging should be washed, cut open packaging mouth poured into the cup to drink again. Cling film: use less oil kind food plasticizer is the production of plastic additives, role is to enhance the elastic and plastic contact will seep plasticizer and oil products, long-term edible oil kind of food with plastic wrap, will have certain harm to human body, the immune ability, fertility, cardiovascular, liver, and urinary system will also have certain damage, the damage they may also pass on to the next generation. According to the relevant provisions of the state, plasticizer may be used for food packaging materials, but used plasticizer material is only used to contact the fatty food. In spite of this, & other; Plasticizer & throughout; Now still cling film by producers for PVC food and other dishes and pastries. Tin foil: it don't add seasoning foil or aluminum foil when cooking is a good helper, can prevent the meat in the cooking process be burned. But a lot of people ignored as much as 50% of lead content in the foil, foil surface also can lead white and hydrogen dioxide generated toxic substances, such as heating can also generate yellow yellow lead, is lead oxide is also toxic compounds, if drawn into the respiratory tract, will be deposited in the lungs, can cause chronic poisoning. And use the foil or aluminum foil when cooking, if you add the lemon juice sauce or substances such as on the ingredients, tin, aluminum easy to acid precipitation. So using foil cooking ingredients when had better not add sauce or lemon juice; Most of the time can also be used in bamboo, water bamboo shell or lettuce instead of the foil at the bottom, not only without any pollution, also help food flavor. Plastic bags: thickness less than 0. 015 mm don't use according to the National Development and Reform Commission issued by the industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue ( The 2011) ', asked the thickness of the plastic bags shall not be less than 0. Thickness of 015 mm, supermarket shopping bags provided shall not be less than 0. 025 mm. Belong to the inferior product thickness does not meet requirement, the inferior out products not only can cause the pollution of environment, most in use will be also a threat to human body health. These are easy to be ignored in life hidden danger must advertent, tin can packaging to provide for you.
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