aly\'s favourite things: your new year\'s eve will sparkle with these snazzy pieces

by:Changda     2020-06-13
It\'s not New Year\'s Eve without a spark.
I love having parties for the new year, and of course, no party is complete without cocktails.
The bar carts are completely on their own so far and you will see them appear throughout the place in a variety of different shapes and sizes.
Now, when you get the cart, you have to make sure you have the right gear to make sure the style of the cart is perfect and ready for entertainment.
Here\'s my best choice for making your bar cart shine.
Love the Lucite and gold details on this bar cart.
It has the right glam to work in any space.
The clear quality makes it a perfect work for a small space.
It is simple and exquisite, from holiday to everyday.
Green is the color of the year, and the Peacock stone tray on this dining car is perfect.
Mixed with a golden accent
Another big design trend without any progress
The car will be the star of any party.
The angle line on the handle makes it modern, but the peacock details give it a traditional nod.
Without champagne toast at midnight, New Year\'s Eve is incomplete, and these champagne flutes will let you ring in fashion in the new year.
It looks like it\'s a golden spark. The glasses are oh-
Such a festive occasion is a perfect addition to any bar cart. A good-
The bar carts always need to look like corkscrew.
Not only can the purpose be achieved, but something that looks great without being used.
I love this copper version, yes, it is OK to mix your metal.
Please give me a Swarovski jewelry ice spoon.
A gorgeous stainless steel spoon with a golden handle on it will make your bar cart shine in the light.
The rock ice bucket is not your daily ice bucket. It has a surface and looks like an original surface.
This bucket is very unique and looks like a sculpture that will allow your guests to speak!
The napkins are there when it comes to entertainment, and your bar carts don\'t need that much either.
It\'s always great to have some on hand to handle any spills, or put one under the drink after the drink is made.
Love geometric patterns and it\'s fun to mix and match with other patterns and textures.
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