Analysis of moon cake tin box packaging production process

by:Changda     2020-06-15
The production process of moon cake gift tin box packaging has been introduced on the Internet. No matter it is tinplate box with Tiandi lid or special shaped moon cake tin box, it needs to go through some steps to produce and shape. Now is the peak season of customized moon cake tin box packaging box, Shang Zhimi packaging again to introduce to you, the production process of moon cake box, the whole production process needs a lot of manual and machine cooperation, and need professional personnel to ensure the quality of products. Generally, the package of moon cake tin box will be designed, made samples, printed and reproduced in mass production. To ensure the quality of proofing and bulk goods consistent, not only to find reliable packaging manufacturers, but also must strictly require the proficiency of technical personnel. Steps for making tinplate mooncake gift Box: 1. Box design Choose the right theme to find your packaging design. Super selling point; In & other; Super selling point; For the soul, to ldquo; Super creative. For the specification, to & LDQuo; The super difference. For product customization and protection, display, advertising, eye attraction and first choice multi-effect one. Floor packaging. , so that consumers are attracted by your packaging design, fascinated by you! So that consumers are not only willing to buy, and even take the initiative to promote packaging design products! Only with strong selling points can we increase the selling points and enhance the brand effect. 2. Open the mold According to the design of the box stamping die, the box mold is generally divided into three parts: the cover mold, the body mold, the bottom mold. 3. Tinplate printing Printing has spot color and four colors, generally large area printing are used spot color, color ink factory alone with, there is a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. Four - color printing with four - color machine printing, not easy to appear double, the color is consistent, four - color machine has four cylinders, immediately came out, is also in order, on the first line line. It is not only fast, but also colorful and rich. Now, the general use of four - color machine printing, save time. 3. Iron box manufacturing process The printed tinplate skin shall be respectively punched by the machine to form the lid, body and bottom of the mooncake box; The iron sheet is rolled up and punched by the machine to form the box body, and the concave and convex process is formed by the upper and lower stamping, so that the LOGO, text and pictures of customers have a three-dimensional sense. The tin box is punched again by the machine so that the body and lid bite together to form the box. The above is a simple moon cake tin box packaging production steps, shangzhimei packaging is a professional tinplate box packaging manufacturers, welcome to consult.
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