Basic conditions of iron box packaging design

by:Changda     2020-06-18
Exquisite packaging is an important part of commodity and brand marketing, and it is becoming more and more important. Packaging is an important aspect of a brand, second only to the product and the product experience. Therefore, packaging design is very important. Where does the commodity iron box packing design begin? As with everything, start with the basics. Here are the basic principles of good packaging design. 1. The Importance of insight Packaging design or redesign can be a difficult and complex process. There are many things to consider: brand strategy and visual stocks, brand architecture and positioning, various consumer segments, retail distribution channels, product integrity, importance, and so on. Insight is the first element of packaging design. Personal opinion is the foundation. By understanding human emotions, behaviors and beliefs, especially for individuals or groups, good ideas can be accelerated to drive brand and business value. Design is essentially a compassionate enterprise, because it is almost always done for others. Designers want to understand how people think and feel. They want to design for others, not for narcissism or selfishness. By using insight to promote this empathy, the designer can ensure that the packaging effort engages in a dialogue with the right audience. 2. Analysis of market research data It is also important to note that statistics and facts and insights are similar but not the same. In today's risk-averse environment, marketers are under pressure to financially validate any plan before it is launched. Because of this, many marketers elevate the importance of statistically viable facts (such as the fact that 67% of adults indulge in nighttime snacking) rather than true perceptions of consumers. It's easy to see the appeal from a marketer's point of view. It's nice to know that 67% of adults indulge in snacks at night. This sentence contains information about a section (adults), a behavior or habit (snacks), and a time of day (evenings). Even though these words are full of information, the same words lack insight. Insights are more than observations or statistics. Insight tells us more than just what people do and when they do it - insight gives insight into why they do something. With this insight, I know not only what adults are doing, when they are doing it, but why. I know how they feel about it. That's cool. Now I have a real understanding of my consumers' behavior and their motivations for how they feel about it. The amount of information about that fact; Insight and its inherent tension will have a greater impact and can inform the design process.
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