Beat the heat on a budget! DIY expert reveals how you can create a homemade solar-powered air conditioner in just FIVE MINUTES using a bucket and a fan

by:Changda     2020-06-13
With the summer in full swing, Mercury is steadily rising and it\'s getting tricky to keep cool --
Especially if you are not lucky enough, there is no air conditioning at home or in the office.
But one wants to end your warm weather disaster by showing how to make-
It takes only five minutes for home air conditioning equipment, no electric fan and five-gallon bucket.
You can even choose to use solar energy.
YouTube user desertsun02 posted a video on his channel explaining how to make the air conditioner and he listed some of the necessary items including fans, buckets, foam plastic liners, PVC pipes and
YouTube has more than 50,000 users on his channel, specializing in solar energy-
But shows how to use this DIY cooler with solar and electricity.
Impressive installations are shown in the video process, starting with the creator cutting a series of perfect things using a hole saw
In an orange hole in five shapes
A gallon, $3 from Home Depot.
After cutting three holes for the pipe, the DIY expert slid the $6 foam plastic lining into the bucket, picked up the hole saw again, he cut the slightly smaller hole through the existing orange bucket, and into the liner.
He used these holes to locate three tubes, which he estimated would cost about 75 cents each.
He then used the box cutter, using the rivets as the guide, to cut a hole in the lid of the barrel.
Then, take a little black man-
He positioned it as face for about $12-
He dug a hole in the lid of the barrel, filled with a gallon of chilled water. One gallon-
The retail price of a bottle of water is about $3.
The next photo shows the final product being used, with several sparkling metal foil attached to the protruding pipe to show a strong airflow.
It runs smoothly and quietly.
The builder described \"relatively quiet\" in the video \".
Good airflow at all three outlets.
YouTube estimates that plugging the fan into a 15-watt solar panel will get about 5 hours of cold air from the unit.
To show how cool the homemade air conditioner is, he also put a thermometer on the pipe that shows temperatures ranging from 41 to 46 degrees.
The Ambitious DIYers who watched the video seemed to give the proper impression, and many praised the user\'s simple designto-
Follow the instructions.
\"I just made two of them with this video and it fits perfectly with the specs, so thank you,\" one commenter wrote . \".
Very simple and cheap to build.
Another wrote: \"wonderful tutorial on effective barrel air conditioning . \".
You use a generator or solar panel if the power runs out, and I can see that it\'s really convenient.
\"In addition to air conditioning, desertsun02 has undertaken a lot of other budgets --
Friendly DIY projects including solar air heaters made of steel tanks and homemade wind turbines.
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