box settings: why plates are so 2014 at london\'s hottest restaurants

by:Changda     2020-06-14
The plate is 2014.
On December, we ate at The Manor restaurant. at the end of the meal, there was a wooden box on our table.
Now, in my experience, you can put tableware, food residue, even dirt and flowers in wooden cases. But not here.
There are four hemp \"space cakes\" in this box \"(
Like dense, fuzzy, granular black discs)
And a small porcelain cup full of cherries and cream.
\"We found boxes with drawers at Kempton Park market.
It\'s a vintage market where we bought most of the pottery and other bits and pieces, \"said Robin Gill, chef and director of the estate.
\"To be different, we wanted to use drawers and boxes, a feature of the dessert bar, to see all the small cakes in the small drawer.
I think it\'s a chocolate factory-or like an old-
Old-fashioned sweet shop
\"But the manor is not the only place to put box plates.
Last year, in the typing room of Bethnal Green, chef Lee Westcott asked people to open a drawer of a wooden cigarette case showing a smoked pigeon on a pine tree.
Westcott said he has now replaced the pigeons with smoked roe deer, and the use of the box \"is just to inject a little smoky flavor into the meat.
When the box opens in front of the customer, it also gives a lovely scent on the table.
Michelin restaurant in Jason Atherton
Raise the Star Hotel Pollen Street Social Quail brunch.
50 is served in a wooden box-a drawer —
Tea, eggs, toast and cereal are included.
Similarly, a pine tree
Once the box is placed on the table, the smoked quail chest slides out of the drawer.
At the same time, on Atherton\'s city social networking site, there is a salmon plate that is served in a butter plate --style box.
Dan Cox, executive chef at Claridge\'s Fera, said that in Grange\'s L\'Enclume, he served an oyster pebble in a wooden box full of pebbles --over-
Sand Beaches in the Lake District, Fera he and Simon Rogan did the same on seaweed biscuits for raw fish, pickled cucumbers, and mountain anemones, where the wooden boxes were filled with pebbles.
At the Royal Cafe, you can try to taste a small cup of coffee or \"Domino\" with the coffee served in the smart paint box, and finally, at the magazine restaurant in the Serpentine le Gallery, you can buy a box of afternoon tea for £ 25
Champagne, as expected (Champagne (
£ 10 extra)
In this case, it is provided in the glass. Plates. Who needs ’em?
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