Brief analysis of tinplate wine box packaging

by:Changda     2020-06-15
The packaging, structure and stamping design of tinplate wine case are important, but the design of production technology and packaging quality are also indispensable. How to produce wine packaging boxes popular with customers? 1. Printing technology of packaging boxes Offsctdruckereien printing can print beautiful multicolor patterns, achieve multicolor printing, but between batches easy to produce color difference, difficult to control. And intaglio ink layer thick and full, color stability of the screen ink layer, feel good, three-dimensional strong, diverse effects, flexible printing soft. In order to improve the printing quality, all kinds of printing technology should be considered comprehensively in the design of multicolor printing boxes. For example, our company has a number of four-color printing machines and monochromatic gravity printing machines, and now we need to produce tinplate wine box packaging. The process requires printing C, M, Y, K, special blue, gold, all-board pearl and all-board matte oil, among which large-area printing dark field and matte oil need to be completed by the printing machine. There are three options for process design: (1) direct printing with a four-color press; (2) direct printing with a single-color photogravure press; (3) direct printing with a four-color press; (4) Change the process design to C, M, Y, K, spot gold, spot blue, spot blue, and full color printing oil (printing oil). As can be seen above, each printing process has advantages and disadvantages; In the first scheme, as the characteristic blue and large area of the site is needed, it is preferred to print only through one unit of offset printing machine, the ink layer is not thick, the color phase is not saturated, and the desired effect cannot be obtained. In the second scheme, the printing process is increased, thus increasing the cost. The third scheme is more appropriate. The characteristic blue printing by two units not only guarantees the quality, but the general workshop operators and quality control personnel lack the integrated design ability of this process, which needs to be completed by professional designers. 2. Notes The stamping cost of tinplate wine box packaging production accounts for about 70% of the total production cost. Before mass production, a small amount of (3000~5000) trial production can be carried out to avoid risks and make the best choice for semi-finished products, tools and molds, which can greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs. In addition, after a small amount of tinplate printing is completed, different packaging functional testing standards should be developed according to different customers, products and packaging transportation modes. Including aging inspection, high and low temperature cycle inspection, food inspection odor inspection, color inspection, to ensure that the quality of tinplate printing fully meet customer requirements.
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