building a tile tray with marble & wood

by:Changda     2020-06-14
This is a tutorial on how I can build a small marble tile tray with plywood and mahogany.
This video I really want to show what I \'ve been trying to integrate for a while: tiles.
I also need a coffee tray in the morning, or a little whiskey in the store, so it\'s just a perfect project to deal with scrap.
I ate some plywood scrap, a few pieces of 1x2 mahogany I had recently cut, and some marble tiles on the chess table I made last year.
It is enough to assemble a small tray.
I cut a piece of plywood of 11x9 inch.
The next step is to prepare this tile.
I used a product called Red Guards.
It is a pink seal that quickly dries into deep red.
It is often used for bathroom items in the shower/tub area.
I have used this product in some outdoor tile projects and it works very well.
You just paint it and dry it for about an hour and start cutting the tiles.
I planned to cut the marble, which was a very soft stone, so I added some water to the wet saw and measured how many pieces of plywood I needed for the size I used.
Wet saw is a fairly cheap investment (~ $125)
But obviously not everyone.
I have used it several times on the table, including my coffee table, side table, and I have tiled the entire kitchen (Floors and walls).
So after I cut all the tiles I need some mortar to connect the tiles.
In the previous video (
Build a fire pit)
I made the plaster brick myself.
Well, I need a lot less this time and the mixture I use is a bit different.
Here is the volume relationship.
Usually, you will use the mass measurement, but for a quantity as small as the tile tray I use, you will need to use the volume.
The mortar batching method only needs to mix the ingredients well and add a small amount of water at a time.
You want to make a paste where too much water breaks when it dries.
I made some layout lines on the plywood with a pencil and then I came back --
Butter each small piece of tile and put each piece firmly down, leaving a gap of 1/16 between each piece for grouting.
I let it dry overnight.
The next day, I cut 1x2 mahogany carefully on the manual Mitter box.
They work well if you walk slowly.
I poured the tray over.
Drill and connect the mahogany with some 1 \"screws.
A piece of ceramic tile fell down.
When the mahogany pieces were in place, I cleaned up the dry mortar, made a new batch of mortar and reconnected them.
The next step is grouting the tiles.
Even though I had to re-attach a few tiles, I didn\'t wait overnight.
It will be good.
Like a mortar, add a little water at a time to form a firm paste.
I used some painters tape to protect the wood from mud.
I waited all night for the grout to dry and then cut a few thin pieces of mahogany to cover the plywood base.
They connect with glue and 5/8 \"brads.
I sealed the grouting with unwaxed shellac.
I put a thin coat on the tile with a towel and waited about 2 hours to dry it.
To finish the box, I made a few handles with another slightly lighter scrap mahogany and connected them with screws and glue.
I then mixed the linen oil with linseed: The wax coated the wood part of the box and polished it dry.
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