Businesses choose the moon cake tin box packaging customization, should first understand what are its important function?

by:Changda     2020-06-22
Mid-Autumn festival, has been the Chinese comparison pay attention to the festival, the reunion festival an essential package of moon cake gift box packaging, as a moon cake tin box packaging custom manufacturer, we said the moon cake tin box packaging what are the important features: 1, the protection functions: protection function is the most basic function of moon cake tin box. Moon cakes in the process of transportation flow, may be affected by a variety of external factors, caused the moon cake pollution, damage, or deterioration, reduce or lose the moon cake's original value. 2, convenient function: the moon cake tin box custom-made for the product in the process of transportation difficult circulation provides the basic conditions and convenient. The moon cake according to certain specifications, shape, number and size with different packaging container, and outside the moon cake tin box with all kinds of information, to facilitate the deployment of moon cakes, the inventory count, also conducive to the rational utilization of all kinds of transportation and storage. Sales of packaging products, all kinds of situation, easy for consumers to use, save and carry. The trademark on the moon cake box, which is convenient for consumers to identify the graphics and text, and introduced the properties, composition, and USES of the cakes, tin box of moon cakes packaging customization has convenient and guidance role of consumers. 3, marketing and promotional functions: it is one of the most main function of packaging design. In addition to the protection of moon cakes, easy transportation and storage, it is more important in order to promote the sales of moon cakes, and meet the needs of people's aesthetic psychology. Moon cakes in the competition, the same type are mostly rely on moon cakes & other; Throughout the presentation &; 。 The moon cake box custom-made the first key function is to promote sales. Only promoting the sales, moon cake manufacturers and merchants, to find their own market. 4. Environmental protection function: tin tin box used as raw material, iron mineral resources are abundant, also can recycle secondary, in line with international environmental requirements, in line with the future trend of the product packaging. The moon cake tin box packaging custom manufacturer with the best service and reasonable prices as Coca-Cola, hello Kitty, wal-mart, McDonald's, Disney, carrefour, jia, Lipton, unilever global top 500 companies such as suppliers of tin boxes. Quality assurance, welcome to call custom. Custom hotline:
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