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by:Changda     2020-06-22
Tea is an essential part of Chinese daily life drinks, ordinary people almost all stocks, some high-grade tea, has been a favourite of many consumers. But tea is a kind of avoiding and easy to moisture absorption be affected with damp be affected with damp and qualitative change, strong adsorption of moisture, odor, fragrance is also easy to volatilize. When the tea keep inappropriate in moisture, temperature, humidity, light, oxygen and other factors, under the influence of biochemical reaction and microbial activity, will happen by the tea quality, so the store, what kind of container, with what method, have special requirements. Therefore, caddy is the resulting. Points from the texture, caddy with cartons, glass jar, ceramic pot, tin box, tin box, etc. , due to the tin box has a good barrier property, resistance, moisture resistance, shading sex, sex, and sealing strong, can guarantee the quality of the tea is not affected for a long time, so the most appropriate storage tea tin box, at present, the proportion of tea tin cans on the market is bigger also. In addition to have good performance, tinplate cans on the printing and design innovation, also has the indispensable contribution, beautifully printed, novel styles, let tin box in the caddy market occupy a large, loved by consumers.
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