Can Changda provide cookie tin box installation video?
Of course. If you prefer the tin box installation steps explained in the form of a video, Hangzhou Changda Can Tool Co., Ltd. would love to shoot an HD video to give installation guidance. In the video, our engineers will firstly introduce every part of the product and tell the formal name, which enables you to have a better understanding of every step. The explanation on the product disassembly and installation procedures are necessarily involved in the video. By watching our video, you can know the installation steps in an easier way.

Changda still continues to make rapid progress in the tin lunch boxes industry. The tin ball is one of the main products of Changda. Different factors have been taken into consideration during the design of Changda stainless lunch box. They are space planning, room layout, furniture layout, as well as the whole space integration. This product has been fascinated by many customers from Europe, the USA, and Japan. This product features excellent cushioning and shock absorption capacity. The materials used in it are soft and flexible enough to absorb the impact. This product is able to retain the original aroma, flavor, and color of the content.

In order to usher in a new journey towards the development, we will thoroughly implement the spirit of candy can. Inquire!
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