Can factory professional custom cosmetics tin box

by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tin box type there are a lot of cosmetics, such as: round tin box, cosmetics square cosmetics box, oval tin box, tin box, etc. Can be customized, in life, especially in busy now, it is easy to ignore the quality and safety problems. To burn the cosmetics tend to be discarded, we packed in iron boxes of cosmetics can effectively avoid the bad things happen. Can be stored for a long time, also don't have to worry about in terms of use is expired, deterioration of products. International brand Atelier says Dr. Cosmetics is adopted tin box packaging. Atelier says Dr. O restore ancient ways small fairy tin box containing two different product portfolio, in order to meet the needs of different users. 30 ml of portable travel pack pure alcohol cologne + scented soap, pure manual lettering holster combo meticulous care in the journey that occupy the home for you. The tin box packaging of cosmetics the male woman very easy to carry. Europe which has pure and fresh and elegant, added the elements that restore ancient ways, tin box packaging let a person cannot help recalling my childhood toys, open the tin box filled with magic, surprise and aromas follow & hellip; Tin box USES a lot of cosmetics, such as the makeup iron boxes as cosmetic packaging, not only can increase the products to save time, still can make our lives less urban pollution, after using can be used as a drug, needle and thread, candy items such as secondary use, also can be used to planting flowers. Cosmetics tin box factory specializing in the production of all kinds of packaging ( Tank) , moon cake packaging, games, tin box, tea tins, toy tin box, all kinds of industry such as food cans, gift tin box packaging product, the other in a unique and innovative views have senior, welcome to inquire:
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