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by:Changda     2020-06-21
According to the structure of the tin box, tin box there is one of the most common iron boxes & ndash; — Heaven and earth cover tin box. Heaven and earth cover iron boxes as shown in figure: a lot of manufacturers prefer to make tin box, is this why? Small make up today to grilled steak heaven and earth building tin box. Heaven and earth cover tin box generally refers to our common ordinary box, it is divided into the upper cover and lower cover, the difference between it is divided into two kinds of the first kind is on the cover to cover part of the cover; The second is on the cover will be completely under cover to cover, both the same height. Heaven and earth cover box points according to the shape has square tin box, round tin box, oval tin box, special-shaped tin box, etc. Heaven and earth cover iron boxes can also be divided into two piece cans and three cans, generally two pieces of the size of the tank are fixed, can't change, so the customer if the tin box but took a fancy to a paragraph is two piece cans that can ask tin box manufacturers have only suitable size, there is no suitable size can only open mould order, but the three cans are different, three cans also can't change the length and width, but can change height, so the selective can a bit bigger. Heaven and earth cover iron boxes are clients like because of its advantages: 1, convenient access to products. Heaven and earth cover iron boxes four directions can be open, customers in hand, both took what part is very convenient tin box opening and closing; 2, the price is cheap. Tin box cover heaven and earth relative to the other two hinges tin box, it several working procedure, less so in terms of labor costs will be slightly a little bit cheaper; 3, easy to produce. If the customer under the condition of large amount of very urgent, we will suggest the customer do the heavens and the earth usually cover of the box, because production is very fast, large capacity, fast delivery.
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