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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Mention mint tin box believe people immediately think of the green arrow sugarless mints tin box, this brand is the public is informed, the mint tin box small make up today to tell you about it. Peppermint is now very popular a candy. Mint is the white granulated sugar, mint as raw material, a kind of candy in the same. Peppermint is popular among young people today. Composition is healthy, relief the wind hot, the efficacy of clear pharynx and larynx, especially in the aspect of pure and fresh breath very productive. So the mint is a very popular a candy. No matter in any occasion, take out one or two grain of gently into the mouth, rich fruit and fresh mint will make you tired gone, fresh breath, throat shu shuang, spirit, with the joyful mood to go into work and life. On the market sell mint is estimated for the green arrow sugarless mints tin box at most. Why the mint tin box on market basically is packed in iron boxes? 1, mint tin box design not only delicate and beautiful, and small volume, convenient to carry you. Because the function of the mint and pure and fresh breath so whenever possible use, tin box is convenient to carry. 2, mint, relative to other candy class is still relatively high, with mint tin box packaging can highlight its high-end grade atmosphere. 3 food, candy, class is very easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, tin box packaging moistureproof sex is particularly strong. 4, the practical function of mint tin box is very strong. Like mint out with a hard layer of icing, or a more rigid drops, some icing sugar or the outside, and may be a special shape. Mint tin box can ensure sugar in carrying case will not be crushed, melting or deformation. Mint as part of their daily eating a candy, but can be damaged by excessive edible oral tissue. Mint tin box manufacturer to remind everybody don't greedy more delicious oh, everyone eat mint left by the iron boxes don't throw, can leave dress earrings or small items, if you want to throw out remember to throw trash can, oh. Mint tin box manufacturers welcome customized to candy tin box.
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