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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tin box is a common packing in life, but the common packing a little knowledge you know it? Small make up to grilled steak for everyone today tin box of common sense. Tin box production process: from graphic design, 3 d stereogram design make product engineering diagram, tin box, tin box open mold production, film output, color printing paper draft, while the iron is hot draft, tin box, the mould design, development, manufacture tin products, half automation, single machine can work, combined with the packing and so on comprehensive one-stop service. Tin tin box is divided into heaven and earth with hinged lid tin box tin box, tin two hinges is divided into wire hinge, hinge, iron hinge. Iron hinge refers to the lid and body through a single iron and iron canister body combined with lid, this two hinges are usually applies to more complex tin; Wire is hinged lid and body via a wire to the iron lid and body together, common have a mint green arrow iron boxes, the benefits of this kind of tin box structure is complete fusion at tin box closed hinge for tin box; Hinge is means the iron in the tank body and through the plastic lid bite together, hanging hinge tin box is one of the most easy is very commonly used two hinges. Tin box method: generally within the tin tin, tin tin box has modelling elegant, beautifully designed, seal precision higher characteristic, tin box or save the coffee, precious medicinal materials ideal container, with tin wine wine, the summer cool and refreshing, winter he drank thermal conductivity is fast. Tin tin gift box is fashionable health. Tin box is not pervious to light, and can better protect food, avoid the light lead to food deterioration reactions and cause the change of protein and amino acids. Metal production experience, excellent craftsmanship, tinplate cans make first-class quality, reasonable price, is your choice!
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