Can factory professional customized tin tin

by:Changda     2020-06-21
Cracker box packaging on the market is usually a box, plastic packaging, now more and more popular is tin tin, small make up today is to introduce to you about tin tin. Tin tin actually can also be called a cookie tin box. Is usually made of tin, tin box packaging is a very advanced. Tin tin can be made into all kinds of exquisite shape, such as heart-shaped, leaf shape, tree, etc. Tinplate printing is very fine, if take more lifelike carving. In the European market, tin tin use most is the cookie jar. More shape is round packing. Many customers are a bit worried about tinplate toxic, dare not to direct contact with food, actually this kind of idea is wrong. Tin is a very safe non-polluting materials, general domestic milk powder were made of tin. So directly biscuits is can rest assured. What are the advantages of tin tin? Some customers may have such doubts. The benefits of tin in fact already mentioned above. 1, beautifully printed. Tinplate printing out very bright color, pattern is long do not fade, people are all love beautiful animal, tin tin above all those exquisite printing can stimulate consumer's eyeball, promote consumption. 2, general cookies are more likely to be affected with damp be affected with damp, when we eat cookies, if carton packaging or plastic packaging apart will have to eat quickly, generally can't spend the night, eat can only throw away waste. But the use of tinplate packaging are different. Tin tin deposit biscuit can be a very long time, eat a lid on it again in a few days to eat don't affect the taste of biscuits. Effectively reduce the waste. 3, buy a home, if it is other biscuit packaging materials, such as paper, open it means that the paper there is no use value, is bound to spend the night in the trash. But tin tin, customers are generally reluctant to throw away directly, after open will stay, at home for a few small parts or other food. This not only conforms to the concept of green environmental protection, it is more important to keep the biscuit boxes, brand image, is helpful to make cookies brand.
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