Can factory professional customized tinplate piggy bank | | saving tin tin money-box

by:Changda     2020-06-21
Tinplate piggy bank is used to save the change jar, also known as tinplate piggy bank, saving cans, piggy bank before the material of ceramic, basically characterized by COINS can be put in, but not out, so the children usually money only to give parents to save, but not out and when to use when can break the piggy bank, take money to spend. With the progress of science and technology in modern society, and the concept of green environmental protection to save people, all kinds of exquisite tinplate piggy bank also arises at the historic moment. The shape of the tinplate piggy bank also varied, but also is a kind of handicraft. Tin types of piggy bank have cars tin piggy bank, cola tin piggy bank, milk tinplate piggy bank, pigs tinplate piggy bank & hellip; … Tin piggy bank usually have a square hole on the lid, convenient and put in a coin, some will be coupled with a small lock, can lock the lid and the body, some directly to make the lid body and bite very tight state, let children cannot easily to open, to a certain extent, is the habit of control children to spend. Tin piggy bank is generally modelling is very cute, because use tin gasholder are basically kid, so modelling aspects in accordance with the kid's interest.
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