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by:Changda     2020-06-21
Candy is a required New Year or festivals and hospitality of snacks, men and women, old and young, in today candy tin box manufacturer will give you introduce is closely connected with candy another product & ndash; — Candy tin box. Candy tin box as candy packaging is a very high-grade packaging, so why should choose candy tin box? First of all, we learn about the candy. Candy refers to sugar as the main ingredient of a kind of snacks. Broadly, chocolate, and chewing gum a lot of the time will be regarded as a kind of candy. In the European and American countries, candy is only refers to the use of white granulated sugar or maltose produced products. And the ancient Europe and the United States and even used as raw material to make honey candy, but because of too much honey is not easy to control and is not applicable to industrialization. If wrapped sugar, fruit or nuts are called sweets ( Such as sugar-coated berry) 。 Can be divided into hard candy, hard candy sweet candy, polishing candy, toffee, gel, paste base candy, aerated candy and tabletting candy, etc. Elements of candy and candy manufacturing method to the candy must be sealed storage, and iron boxes to candy shaded environment provides a seal, so most of the manufacturers are willing to choose candy tin box for packing candy. So what candy tin box packaging advantages? 1: simple printing, but show the beautiful, as long as to do the design, according to the output can be printed. After printing press molding line. 2: the cost is low, and do a batch of candy tin box packaging YiLiangWanGe number five or six at most ten thousand yuan. Ten thousand yuan and five or six order carton industry has thousands of quantity. 3: packing high hardness, the thickness of the tin general made into candy tin box is 0. 23 mm minimum 0. 20 thickness, thickness can be 0. 38 mm4: can be mixed with collocation, candy tin box can fit into a paper gift box packaging, or wooden box design collocation, do not break. 5: each is a brand, now 2000, is advocated by power brand. Every candy tin box with brand promotion
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