Cattle dealer scalping can | pulled out new world for the company

by:Changda     2020-06-19
The 26th July 11, 2019 cattle dealer scalping can think good hotel successfully held in Vienna, tianhe district, two days one night of scalping, for present enterprises to show the charm of the meeting with practical value. Stolen can as a company to get to the meeting early. The meeting invited the national federation of the cattle business Chen President, cattle wto senior trainers Liu Juncheng, wuxi shun-hua zhang chairman of chamber of cattle, dongguan Liang Minhui rosey chan chairman of chamber of cattle, cattle chamber of commerce President and executive director e-house zpark, branch general manager takanami ChanRen information and each enterprise boss will attend the skinned and operating personnel. 11 in the morning by the first host Liang Minhui President and general manager takanami delivered an important speech, and personally participate in the scalping of the higher-ups to extend our warm welcome and heartfelt thanks, also for the scalping can entrepreneurs request and hope. And establish the skinned by Chen head as main skinned, shun-hua zhang President and rosey chan as deputy President skinned. Next, Chen is skinned to what the President will answer, and content and process of the scalping will explain in detail. And then to the operation of the website backstage by Liu Juncheng teachers training in detail. 2 PM skinned will officially start, first of all by the presence of entrepreneurs to introduce myself, and then by the general manager of our company Dong Qiong lady of our corporate culture, history, product structure, network marketing, data report form and so on carries on the comprehensive interpretation. In the process of ms Dong Qiong explanation, the main skinned teacher Chen President to scalping of company, from & other; Who am I & throughout; 、“ Who is my client & throughout; 、“ What is the needs of customers throughout the &; 、“ What are the advantages I & throughout; Researches in this a few problems to the company, and finally make the company find its accurate positioning. To find their own core competitiveness, seize the customer demand, find the customer pain points, clear their own advantage! The real do & other; A cm width, one kilometer depth & throughout; 。 At 7:30 in the evening, carries on the scalping would, in the second half by vice skinned division rosey chan chairman of chamber of dongguan cattle analysis baidu promotion data, the author deeply analyzes the according to the data, points out the problems of account appear, and a simple explanation for baidu promotion, benefit the people, a lot, some deep feelings. Finally, by wuxi shun-hua zhang chairman of chamber of cattle to in-depth analysis and comments on our website, and points out deficiencies. And through a witty, humorous language about how to carry out the brand marketing and improve their core competitiveness of the company. Field of laughter, full of the goods, even in the middle of the night, everyone the same enthusiasm, don't want to end the scalping. After 15 hours of scalping, let's clear understanding to the site deficiency and the places they need to improve. Scalping is completed, the company's junior partner in the sign written pledge to fulfill a military order, certainly will within a month, website optimization. Thank you here, thank you very much cattle chamber of commerce, Chen President, shun-hua zhang chairman, rosey chan, President Liang Minhui e-house zpark executive director, etc. , and other entrepreneurs to the company's hard work, for the company it is a very rare opportunity to study and communication. In the coming days, we will fulfill his promise to implement to work. On July 12, the day of actual combat and examination, the content of the learned yesterday and dongguan rosey chan chairman of chamber of cattle to share the successful experience of their own company do network promotion, wuxi shun-hua zhang chairman of chamber of cattle share enterprise how to build its own brand. In the scalping can test has eight entrepreneur won the qualification of trainee skinned, won the qualification of scalping of C grade three entrepreneurs, companies in this congratulations to all trainee qualification of scalping and grade C qualification of scalping entrepreneurs.
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