Cattle dealer supremacy leading group for the first time to visit metal company guidance!

by:Changda     2020-06-19
Early summer, rain fly. June 10 afternoon, cattle business champions tigers can card, berry, kay josiah and fine lattice, the strange, new rieter, waves and billion plus a line of enterprise leaders to visit our company and guide work. Company general manager Dong Qiong warmly received the visiting guests, and expressed the warm welcome for their arrival. We metal company as a member of the cattle business champions tiger team, in the next 90 days with tigers every warrior fought, achieve specific goals, solidarity, cooperation and win-win, toward a path to success. Accompanied by metal company general manager Dong Qiong leaders visited the company's production workshop, know the production process of our company, have expressed highly automation of our product lines. Then visit our template, know the products of our company. Later in the meeting, the Marketing Department head has carried on the simple introduction to the company, the cattle dealer ii leadership group have a line to metal with the leaders of the company's development process, the products and corporate culture have a preliminary understanding. Our sales department and Marketing Department to the enterprise leaders to ask some questions, each enterprise's leaders have issued their own view and some Suggestions are put forward. Let our employee benefits, we also realize their selfless, let us more understand & other; The love of learning, sharing, devotion, growing together. ” Cattle dealer supremacy not to fight, but in order to help enterprises rapidly promote team cohesion, improve network marketing actual combat force, promote sales performance. Let the bulk of entrepreneurs with a dream together, grow together! Taken on a new look for business team, the weak become strong, the strong stronger! In the coming days, our company with the cattle business champions tigers every fighter together, study together, progress together, grow together, toward our goal and is bound to achieve, is bound to go beyond! To become the world's leading can companies struggle to the end
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