christmas angel sachets gift box

by:Changda     2020-06-11
Supply list: 2 \"gold fabric silk side ribbon 1 gold metal tube cleaner 2 white lace 6\' small glue stick black fine point permanent ink weave pen white shirt gift box white thin paper gold metal gift bow gold metal ribbon gold gift label 1 Angel description of Sachet: cut 12 \"round of white lace.
Put a small amount of potatoes in the center.
Cut 2\' of gold fabric line edge ribbon \'.
Raise the lace, tie a ribbon under the potatoes and form a ball in the center of the lace, which is the head of the Angel.
The tied ribbon is her neck and the rest of the lace is her dress.
Create the wings of the Angel by tying a double bow at the back, continue with the ribbon.
Shape the remaining ribbons for the side of the Angel lace gown to get a beautiful accent.
Cut a 3 \"pipe cleaner into a circle.
This is the aura of Angels.
Stick the aura to the Angel\'s head with a glue gun.
Personalize the ribbon tail with a loom pen.
Merry Christmas Mom (
Sister, best friend, aunt, etc. )
Angels are watching you and so on.
Gift Box description: Make 3 Angel sacs according to the instructions above.
Fill the white gift box with a white paper towel and place 3 Angel sacs in a row.
Wrap with ribbons, close the box and make sure it\'s safe.
Highlight the gift box with a gold metal bow and gift label.
Mark your gift label with a marker.
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