colored gift boxes

by:Changda     2020-06-11
Creative ideas using color gift boxes even if you don\'t have a creative bone in your body, making attractive gift boxes with ready-made color gift boxes is not a problem.
Color gift boxes are certainly not difficult to find as there are color gift boxes in almost any department store and craft store, whether online or offline.
They also have various shapes, sizes, textures and colors.
The colored boxes in cardboard are a particularly popular thing and they are the most versatile as you can take advantage of it in a number of ways.
In addition to holding your gift, you can also use color boxes in your personal items, accessories, photos, etc.
They are a great way to organize your stuff.
For example, you can use a color, for example, your hair accessories are light pink, your clothing jewelry is yellow, your underwear is Lilac, your shawl is an apple, and then you put these in your cupboard.
Using this system won\'t make it hard for you to search for things!
If you have some solid materials in your home, such as cardboard, you can make your own color gift boxes.
Take the cardboard from your storage area and wash it well.
If you keep it for a long time, it will most likely have been filled with dust.
Now search for gift box templates on the World Wide Web--
There are many websites offering this service.
Print what you particularly like and enlarge the image if necessary.
Then paste the template onto your carton and go through the solid line.
Even a little child can do this, and the instructions are very simple.
Next, cover your box with solid color paper or fabric and align with something soft inside.
You can choose a different color for your box inside.
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