Common caddy packaging material - — Tin caddy

by:Changda     2020-06-20
Caddy according to the material points, there are a lot of kinds, such as tin tea pot, wooden tea cans, paper tea pot and so on. Wooden POTS, price moderate, sealed can, but not suitable for factory use, suitable for home storage. Paper POTS: price is very low, so-so sealing function, easily damaged, only suitable for family use, not suitable for manufacturers. More is not suitable for expensive tea. Also not suitable for storing tea for a long time. Stainless steel POTS: can seal, mid-range price, suitable for family store tea. Tin POTS: sealing function, prevent light, moisture, prevent bad breath function is good, suitable for storing more expensive tea, but the price is very high, not suitable for factory use, suitable for home storage rare tea. Tin tea pot is the tinplate printing design first, then the machine cut into pieces, then use mold stamping molding, artificial clean packing and is dedicated to the tea tin box/cans. Its modelling is very rich, square, round, heart, and so on abnormity. Has the very good adornment sex, feel is very good. More rare is tinplate cans for the preservation and storage of tea is very good. Because of his style variety, beautifully printed, firm, sealing, top grade, transportation is convenient, so more and more widely applied. Now some of the famous tea basically use the tin tea pot, such as anxi tieguanyin, dongting 'biluochun', junshan island of silver needle, xinyang maojian tea, qiinen black tea, huai nun tzu GuaPian, west lake longjing tea, huangshan maofeng tea, and so on.
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