Congratulations Evergrande 2 - metal Order - 1 reverse America | tin box tin can 4008002328

by:Changda     2020-06-22
Beijing time on December 13, in 2015 the club World Cup quarter final battle, Evergrande the Asian champions league against North America champion in Mexico in the americas. 26 minutes, Paul She's free kick hit the crossbar taking pop-up, 55 minutes, peralta, to break the deadlock of America, the 74th minute, Feng Xiaoting missed an empty net, the 80th minute, zheng for Evergrande scored the equaliser, 3 minutes of stoppage time, poly mourinho to beat, Evergrande 2 - 1 reverse America semi-final join forces with Barcelona. After the game & other; Violent bird & throughout; Poly mourinho said: very happy to have made such a hard-won victory, in such an important game, showed our power. Very happy to face the world's most powerful opponent, not just me, our team will be very happy. We will be well prepared, play with Barcelona. Evergrande taobao team coach luiz felipe scolari said: opponent than we has a profound history and culture, have a stronger team, but happened on the field we see today, we reversed opponent in the backward situation. So, now that why don't have a dream to achieve, since conditional why not to pursue higher goals? My job is to realize this dream and goal! Lippi rate team for the club World Cup in 2013 the fourth grade, we have now is a fourth, lippi and I have stood in the same starting line, I can do better, I don't want to just won the fourth. Metal products co. , LTD. , as the iron boxes tins customized manufacturer believes that Evergrande with Barcelona, you can play better yourself! YueZhanYueYong Evergrande, in the club World Cup!
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