cool it on ice bucket challenge, and keep gov. brown\'s dog out of it

by:Changda     2020-06-13
Like a propaganda parade-
Looking for celebrities, journalists, tech billionaires, and politicians of the past and present to dump a bucket of ice water on themselves is not boring and annoying, and now we have to watch the first dog in California suffer this humiliation.
In this matter, he did not have the same choice as the man before him. Yes, someone (perhaps Gov.
Jerry Brown? )
Deciding that corgi Sutter of Wales in Brown needs to join the ice bucket challenge, ALS fundraiser and the latest go-away gimmick --viral craze.
A short video of him-
Sutter\'s, is--
The Facebook page shows a mysterious hand and a mini
The water hangs on the dog\'s head, his (Sutter again)
Whining and barking because I don\'t know what\'s good about it.
The water was poured out, and Sutter shook it off, and the whole experience didn\'t look bad.
There was some mild anger on his Facebook page.
\"It\'s really mean! Someone wrote.
But there\'s more to comment on how cute it is!
But anyone who thinks this is animal abusebase.
\"I want people to be more concerned about serious animal abuse,\" Jennifer Fearing, deputy director of the American Humane Society, based in Sacramento (
Already know to hang out with Sutter), told me.
\"Do you want a list?
Unfortunately, the time is very long.
\"This stunt has also attracted some attention to water --
Waste in drought
California disaster(
However, this is a small bucket. )The ALS Assn.
\"Please consider the use of water ! \"
If you are in a country or region of the world affected by drought, please readjust the use of water for later use.
I just think the whole \"challenge\" is ridiculous.
First of all, if people do not contribute to ALS Assn, they will be dumped by ice water.
Now, it becomes a bunch of video clips and TV footage that people pour water into themselves and contribute.
Needless to say, of course, it is a good thing to give a donation to an organization that finances this terrible degenerative disease study, public policy advocates, and services for ALS patients.
The ice bucket challenge is certainly supported by ALS.
More money.
The company reported on Wednesday that it received $31.
Contributions of 5 million per cent for July 29-8.
It\'s $20 compared to $1.
9 million people participated in the same period last year.
The association says it comes from existing donors and 637,527 new donors.
But it\'s stupid to pour the ice bucket. (
President Obama wisely refused, but will write a check to the ALS charity. )
It\'s a bit confusing to watch female stars and TV celebrities drop their hair and clothes on the water.
This is just a step to remove from wet T-shirt contest.
So, fundraiser, think about some other ways of raising money that don\'t look like the Wikipedia episode.
\"If you want people to do something bold, challenge them to dance and sing in their business meetings.
Or have them spend the day with people with ALS in exchange for a donor\'s check.
Save water for your lawn.
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