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by:Changda     2020-06-15
As is known to all, product styling and packaging are important factors to stimulate consumers' purchase desire, and unusual packaging can often make a product have higher selling point added value, such as the following list of these novel packaging styles Founded in 2005 as a food packaging company dedicated to replacing plastic plastic bags with reusable, environmentally friendly materials (tinplate), The company's creative design team recently redesigned six cosmetic packaging. One example is the make-up box, which can be 180. Full range of open, transparent and concise products at a glance. A mascara brush or pencil can be placed on the hinge of the box, while a design for a lipstick, a pencil and two lip colours show a new make-up box that combines transparency with a new metallic structure. The manufacturer chose to display the name of the product in a transparent make-up box, with different colours of lip gloss in each word, in a clever design. On the front of the iron box, in addition to the listing of basic information, the design team also matched beauty makeup illustrations according to the size of the packaging bag to guide customers to buy the style they need.
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