Cosmetics iron box with Oriental temperament |

by:Changda     2020-06-17
With the popularity of retro styles all over the world, Oriental fashion's passion for retro is also sought after, especially in the recent fashion Week, Oriental elements have painted many screens. In recent years, more and more Oriental elements have been praised highly in the international fashion industry. Cosmetics packaging elements, which retain the Oriental mystery and unique charm, can be embellished with plain color base and plane embroidery patterns, or bring embroidery illustrations into the packaging design, bringing more unexpected splendor. Design a cosmetics iron box package with Oriental retro elements from which to proceed? 1. Fashion Trend analysis of retro elements In recent years, as more and more TV and film works reflecting the old Shanghai style of the Republic of China appeared on the screen, people began to understand that era, gradually. The people throughout the wind &; I have blown all over the fashion industry, with illustrations of the Republic of China, monuments and the fashionable cheongsam of that era. Both became popular elements that people were keen on, especially the Oriental beauty peculiar to women in that era. Combining the ancient classics with modern elements, it becomes a target for women to pursue. With the national style of the chemical equipment to comply with the trend & LDquo; The people throughout the wind &; Tide; Turn the old mentality of consumers into the driving force of consumption, so that more people understand and appreciate the unique temperament of Oriental women 2. Decoration trend of packaging In the new economic conditions, the technological level between enterprises is shrinking, the technological content of products is improving, the products are rich and diverse, and people's material life is improving, the consumption trend is reflected in the field of spiritual needs and more personalized diversification. Consumers pay more attention to personal interests and hobbies, and it is difficult to maintain the different needs of the majority of consumer groups. Packing is the silent temptation. Its function is fully reflected in the fact that it gives prominence to the features, beauty and personality of the goods. The expression of packaging and decoration should be direct, although the form can be implicit, but the purpose is just for better expression. And those cosmetics packaging and decoration design with unique charm, from the perspective of visual art, is in the packaging structure, color, material selection and appearance of distinctive and creative personality, design style is full of personality, fashion characteristics, so as to meet people's unique psychological needs. Taking the iron box of facial mask as an example to show the feminine features, the designer USES the simulated human face as the design element to show on the container, and the beautiful shape is permeated with the elegance and charm of Dongfang Jing. This kind of personalized design makes the charm of the package reflect the facial mask inside, improve the product grade. Impresses consumers deeply and is loved by them. Therefore, cosmetic packaging and decoration design needs to cater to the aesthetic taste of personalized development and devote to the personality characteristics of packaging and decoration to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers.
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