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by:Changda     2020-06-17
Tea is the favorite of ancient literati. From steamed green tea in the early days to the six major types of tea in modern times, it has experienced a development course of more than two thousand years. In this long history, condensed by the wisdom and painstaking efforts of countless literati, it created today's colorful tea packaging culture. 1. Application of color of traditional tea culture The so-called traditional colors, namely: red, yellow, blue, white, black and five colors, and fully use the concept of five colors in the packaging design of tea, while bringing visual enjoyment to people, there will also be spiritual and emotional impact to people. To be specific, red in the five colors will give people a festive, warm, auspicious and other feelings; Such as & other; Dahongpao & throughout; Tea iron box packing mostly USES red to give priority to fundamental key. At the same time, red is also a color with a deep Traditional Chinese flavor. It is precisely because of this, in the packaging and design of tea, there are a lot of businesses fully use red, the national color of China, and produced a good effect. Do not pass to other kind of tea packaging, of red use and cannot too, because tea character is different, the meaning that place symbolizes is halcyon quietly elegant, this is contrary to some of gules warmth. In addition, yellow in China represents the symbol of the royal family, it is also the symbol of the sacred and powerful. So yellow will also appear in the tea packaging design, and it is mainly used in the lining of the tea gift box, through the use of yellow, people will have a noble and atmospheric feeling. Green symbolizes light elegance and tranquility, is the main color of green tea packaging. 2. Use of traditional regional cultural patterns For our country, the traditional pattern is actually a very strong local characteristics and regional customs. Therefore, the pattern can also symbolize the characteristics of a local culture. Therefore, in the packaging and design of tea, the use of traditional patterns can be fully considered. After all, giving full play to the traditional patterns in tea packaging and design can not only show the beauty of Chinese tradition, but also make people feel some kind of visual enjoyment. Moreover, it is also a way for foreign friends to know about China. However, in the process of using traditional patterns, there is also a need for certain skills, rather than a simple copy or copy of the traditional pattern. In order to make tea packaging produce good effect in sales, it is necessary to improve and innovate traditional patterns while conducting in-depth research on tea culture, so as to perfect the integration of modern elements of traditional patterns and culture, so as to release the brilliance and vitality of traditional Chinese patterns on tea packaging. Therefore, it will be a great success for tea packaging if traditional patterns are used on tea tin boxes and their cultural connotation can be displayed. The use of tea packaging should not be limited to packaging, but should have a deeper level of use.
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