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by:Changda     2020-06-15
Custom cans can take your brand to the next level. With a set of custom jars, you will be able to stand out from the competition. These packages provide you with a competitive price, attractive and unique way to promote your brand and products. With the help of Still Beauty packaging, designing your own tin box has never been easier. We offer a variety of printing and customization techniques to create jars that fully represent your brand. Our professional designers help you create custom jars of your dreams. Below, we will briefly introduce your different options when using the canning of Shangzhimei packaging design. For more information and enquiries, please contact us. Design your own tin can The first step in customizing a tin can is the design process. When designing your own cans, you can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, closing mechanisms and printing techniques. Just let us know what you think and we'll turn it into a beautiful custom can. Please remember that for custom canned goods, we have a minimum order quantity requirement according to the printing technology you will use. The moQ is different for different sizes. Of course, you will receive a sample for confirmation before explaining the production of the entire order. Shape and size All our POTS are made of fine tinplate. The advantage of this material is that it is very easy to shape. So it can be made into the shape that you can imagine. In addition, you can choose any size and volume you like. Whether you're looking for small custom tea cans, candy cans, cosmetic tin boxes, or larger cookie and tea cans, etc. 3. Closing mode of the cover After selecting the shape and volume of the jar, it is time to consider the closed structure you want to use. In general, we offer four different types of LIDS that can close cans. Upon request, all tops can be fitted with EPE lining to help you seal the small tin box more tightly. A. Screw cover The popular metal can closure mechanism is the standard screw top. Screw down the wrist to easily open and close the screw top. They are tightly sealed and can be fitted with EPE liners. This makes them ideal for holding any kind of commodity. Of course, the screw top can only be used for round cans. B. inner plug For cans other than round ones, the most popular closing mechanism is the standard inner plug lid, which allows easy operation on empty cans. All you have to do is lift the top and pull it out easily. The advantage is that they can be fitted with an EPE liner and can be used on any can, regardless of shape or size. C. the window cover The window cover itself is not necessarily a closing mechanism. The casement jar is a jar with a beautiful transparent lid. Accordingly, the tin can that opens a window suits to show colourful product very much. They are most commonly used as candy jars and spice jars. Window cans can have either a screw - or a plug - in closing mechanism to your liking. D. Hinge clamps Hinged POTS are usually square or rectangular. Such cans can be used to store a variety of goods. Most commonly, hinged lid jars are found in the food industry and are used to hold candy, tea, or coffee. Articulated metal cans can be found in different volumes and they provide an easy way to seal your cans. 4. Printing technology Now that you have chosen the design, size, shape, and closure mechanism of the custom tin, it is time to proceed to the most important step: choosing the printing technique. We offer four different printing technologies that allow you to fully customize the box to meet your personal needs. A. Adhesive tape and paper etiquette By far the cheapest way to customize a box is to add a sticker or paper etiquette. These labels are easy to manufacture and can be attached to any type of tin can. Although their application cost is very low, they can provide a beautiful and high-quality appearance for your customized canning. B. Screen printing Silk-screen jars are an ideal and affordable way for companies to bring new products to market. With the screen tin, you can distinguish their products from competing products by adding colorful wrapping paper. The technology can be applied to small metal boxes and large iron cans. You will also be able to choose a monochromatic or multicolor layout. Silk-screen cans are ideal for introducing limited edition or promotional products to the market. Screen printing is optional, including your LOGO or full color picture. D. Embossing process Embossed tin really makes your product stand out. By selecting embossing, you will be able to add a 3D appearance and give the canister appearance. Embossed tin ensures that your pure metal container is turned into a true work of art. Embossing is a popular technique for using limited edition jars that often end up in people's collections. They will do this by giving the empty tank an extra. Modelling & throughout; To help you distinguish yourself from your peers. Although ordinary metal embossed jars look like masterpieces, you can take this technology to the next level by combining it with color silk printing. F. Laser engraving technology If you are looking for a way to carve your product information on a tin box, laser engraving is your first choice. By choosing laser engraving, you will be able to carve the company LOGO or complete product message into a custom tin gift. The possibilities of laser engraving are almost limitless. Just send us your LOGO, image or text and we'll make sure it's smoothly etched into your custom jar.
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