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by:Changda     2020-06-15
Established in 2005, Our company has been committed to the management of moon cake gift box packaging industry in Makou iron for many years. We mainly adopt automatic production technology and enjoy high reputation in the industry with excellent quality. The company is now constantly developing, to the development of larger enterprises, the supply of various types of iron box packaging can meet the personalized needs of customers in different fields. Tinplate products are used for packaging containers of various articles, packaging of tea, cosmetics, health products, biscuits, moon cakes and other packaging. Tinplate box sealing, easy to keep fresh, high hardness, clean and so on; It has: anti - pressure, anti - edge pressure, adhesion, puncture, anti - earthquake, anti - fall. Our company always adhere to high quality, high standard, strict, as the core competitiveness of the enterprise survival, with high-quality professional and technical personnel and design talent, long-term trend of innovation, creative product, for each big brand customers with a complete process of planning, design, packaging, printing, make all kinds of corporate downsizing and complex process, optimize cost improve the competitiveness of the enterprise market. Moon cake tin box manufacturers for you to introduce the advantages of color printing packaging With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, people's demand for tinplate products will continue to increase, iron packaging is now more and more common. So let's take a look at the advantages of color printing iron box packaging. 1. Recyclable, reusable and resource-saving. 2. Metal packaging is easy to carry, convenient storage and transportation, high transportation safety, automatic production and low labor cost. There are many kinds and shapes of iron packaging, which have been formed. 4. Beautiful packaging, easy to convex engraving printing, rich color, more three-dimensional sense. 5. Short production cycle, fast production, easy to mass production. 6. Tinplate packaging is convenient for mechanized production and sealing process operation, with high production efficiency and easy to realize packaging standardization; 7. High strength, easy loading and unloading, which can reduce throwing and damage rate during loading and unloading; 8. Clean, well sealed, with good dustproof and moisture-proof performance; The company's products in the country's large sales volume, strong market competitiveness, flexible sales way, the supply of moon cake boxes have always been wholesale; Direct sales. With the strong economic strength of the company and the increase of market demand, the company will continue to develop and produce with the industry's advanced production technology, to meet the personalized needs of customers, through land transportation; Road transport logistics, so as to provide customers in the global competitive prices and fast supply. The company with integrity, strength and product quality industry recognition, through unremitting efforts, to make excellent tinplate packaging box dedicated to the market, and is willing to work with like-minded people from all walks of life to create brilliant tomorrow. We sincerely welcome you to visit our company!
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