Customized cake tin box packaging -- web celebrity

by:Changda     2020-06-16
With the rise of short-sightedness in recent years, online platforms have become the most popular place to sell mooncakes, which have been transferred from supermarkets and hotel lobbies to the circle of friends. In May and June every year, mooncake enterprises and individual workshops start to design custom mooncake packaging boxes, hoping to get a head start. Break into. WeChat circle of friends, in order to enhance the brand effect, publicity brand culture. How to create web celebrity Mid-Autumn mooncakes in 2020? First, develop the sales strategy 1. People buy things, not just; Use it as a tool; More; To play with as elements of comfort and superiority; 2. Build; Hot style; To achieve this goal, for example, Douyin's Microblog is the most important extension tool. 3. Only let consumers keep; Hunger; Only then can stimulate its purchase desire, only then can let more people participate. People often buy goods for two purposes, one is to live, and the other is to prove that they are living better than others. Two, compared with the traditional moon cake sellers through brand war, price war sales mode, to make their own moon cake web celebrity hot style, there are three ways: 1. It provides customized packaging services through well-known packaging enterprises. Mooncake consumers who sell directly buy novel designs and brand logos. 2. Do not do food itself, find the OEM factory production and packaging enterprises to design the packaging; Again in the name of the company internal sale is not open to the public, but often because of the moon cake packaging design and its own brand value added, so many people pursue; 3. Mooncakes that are commissioned by 'we Media' to be processed by mooncake processing manufacturers or produced by individuals, and then refined and packaged; Appearance level; And then spread through social platforms, also known as hot style. According to analysts in the Chinese food industry, many brands that cross boundaries to make mooncakes are not about wine, but about building a strong bond with the new generation of consumers. Those brands with web celebrity characteristics on the market mainly hope to make the whole brand appear in consumers' daily scenes for many times through customized packaging of moon cakes, so as to strengthen brand awareness. But how effective it is depends on how the brand operates Still have, some big enterprise sells moon cake not necessarily in order to profit, arrive Mid-Autumn festival before and after meeting bask in oneself company special gift moon cake box is in all sorts of social platform, the staff basks in also proud. As a matter of fact, the effect of spreading the company's brand is the core, which is similar to that of the employees of various large companies exposing their high year-end bonuses. Brand communication is a kind of welfare for both individuals and companies. At the same time, it can also attract some excellent human resources to yearn for these platforms, and talents are also the high-quality resources for everyone to compete for. Web celebrity 2020 mooncake currently comes in three main forms. The first is to customize the packaging of moon cake tin box, such as convex carving on the packaging, printing enterprise LOGO, greetings, two-dimensional code website, etc., can also design the packaging style; The second is the whole process of personalized emotional customization: it is mainly used for giving benefits or holiday gifts. From the quality of the selected materials in the packaging, from the product to the outer package of the gift box, from the time to the temperature of the gift link, so that the recipient of the gift feel different blessings, enjoy the warmth of the way, to achieve A good feeling dyeing effect. In the whole process of customization, the mooncake packaging size, shape, printing, and even according to the special needs of customers, customized packaging box and printing process! The third is the outsourcing of packaging a body imprint customization: customized moon cake iron box packaging, reflected from the box; Personality; : The image of customers, enterprise brand into the moon cake packaging Customers choose various flavors of moon cake set meal, amount, collocation scheme and; Consumption; Way, according to the proportion of set of meals to help customers design packaging, the design of the outer packing into one printing, fully reflect the customer needs of the elements, let customers brand, corporate culture into thousands of households, let the moon cake sent to your friends and relatives and partners love.
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