Customized iron box packaging design and printing

by:Changda     2020-06-16
1. Customized packaging design Good packaging design is the key to a differentiated brand. Beauty Packaging can help you find the best way to represent your product by customizing the brand packaging. Our team is experienced in creating unique and award-winning packaging solutions with exceptional design and functionality. From concept to production, Sammi packaging has the skills and knowledge to successfully guide you through the entire process. We will work closely with you to provide personalized packaging solutions to send targeted and strong brand information. If you need a unique shape or box design, we can create custom molds and test them for you before production. If you want to use wood, metal or plastic custom packaging, we can provide materials, test designs and produce for you internally. When creating a packaging design, we consider all aspects of branding and logistics. From shipping durability and retail considerations to bar codes and regulations, we can help you explore any potential design pitfalls along the way. Whether you need a one-time prototype, complex customization, or a mass run, Sumitomo Packaging can make your packaging project a success. 2. Design process Sammi Packaging USES collaborative and innovative methods to customize packaging design. Our design team will work closely with you on research, concept and development, material selection, procurement, printing and production. Throughout the process, we are focused on supporting your vision while maximizing the end-user experience. The design of custom packaging can add perceived value to your product. Just consider unpacking an Apple product or similar well-designed package. The careful design in the packaging design alone tells the brand story and establishes product credibility. You want the packaging to be the same. Our expertise and knowledge of the retail market enable us to design each design based on an overall understanding of industry best practices and practical applications. The creative team at Sumitomo Packaging links your company's information to the actual product packaging. We strive to make every interaction with your end users a positive brand experience. 3. Improve ROI through packaging design Well-designed product packaging can significantly increase ROI. Effective packaging is not limited to product protection and identification. It can significantly differentiate your brand by sending consumers visual and tactile information about the quality of your products. The beauty of the packaging can guide you through the packaging design to enhance the brand value. 4. Customized iron box packaging printing After the design process is complete, we will provide required materials such as foam inserts, magnets, fasteners and custom elements. We can help you choose the final decoration color to increase the durability of the package or box. Unique coatings, such as soft laminates or spot-like UV rays, can also make designs deeper, or make custom boxes more elegant. When all the necessary elements are in place, Sammy Packaging prints and produces your packaging to ensure that the final product follows the original design concept and is executed to your specifications. If you already have a design, we will soon complete the printing and manufacturing part. Our company provides one-stop packaging design solutions.
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