Customized mooncake box packaging to enhance brand

by:Changda     2020-06-15
Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is still 5 months away, the market battle for mooncake manufacturers has already begun. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Festival in China. How can the packaging design of Mid-Autumn Moon cake be original and unique? This has been the focus of the major brand enterprises, the beauty of the following package about the moon cake box packaging design and production process. 1. Mooncake packaging design contains festival cultural elements Content marketing has become a growing trend in mooncake packaging. A survey shows that consumers are now buying products from less search engines and more from recommended shopping. To our surprise, WeChat is still in business today. Do not use search engines and rely on content to form the climate. This shows that when selling mooncake boxes, we should also consider selling the products with the correct content and combination. This also has a unique demand for the packaging design of mooncake boxes, which is based on the genes of the story. The first thing we should grasp when designing the packaging of mooncake boxes is the small-batch and diversified ones & other; Chang e flies to the moon. These stories are allegorical about the origin of mooncakes, but many ordinary people are not aware of the legendary Chinese culture. As long as you can do some writing on the packaging design of mooncake boxes, make a design of the origin, and collect legends to promote ordinary sales, the effect will be very good. 2. The package design of the series of moon cakes reflects the brand value more Brand culture must be linked to local stories. This must be reflected in the packaging design of the mooncake boxes. Moon cakes in China means reunion, so the ancient literati Vicky left how many popular poems, far away from the hometown of wanderers, must have left different versions of the story around the country. In our publicity, we take the beauty of these unique talents as the main body, take our marketing planning as the theme, through the design of local stories and the packaging design of the moon cake box, the performance is as follows. The moon is the light of home. . 3. The packaging pays attention to the atmosphere of reunion and unity, in line with the meaning of the moon cake box packaging design. As a festival in Chinese history, the Mid-Autumn Festival has been popular since ancient times, but the packaging design of the mooncake box is eye-catching. No matter what story we tell, the result always emphasizes reunion. As a result, Trinidad wu Juan, full moon reunion is the best holiday atmosphere. Mooncake box packaging design is actually difficult, but not easy. As long as you understand the content to attract customers and resonate with them, your mooncake box packaging design will come out.
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