Customized tea iron box packaging issues to consider

by:Changda     2020-06-17
1. Whether the packaging materials meet the requirements of environmental protection and cost control With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, as well as the government, society and printing and packaging enterprises gradually pay attention to environmental protection. In December 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce in on the 'instructional advice on accelerating the development of China's packaging industry transformation in clear around green packaging, put forward the safety packaging, intelligent packaging, constructing industry technology innovation system and the surrounding the development of clean production and green, the formation of green manufacturing system covering the whole life cycle of the packing. This requires each packaging production enterprise with ldQUO; Go green. The concept is to guide the production activities, the implementation of sustainable development strategy. Custom-made tea and iron box packaging should meet this environmental requirement, reduce the generation of packaging waste, focus on the purpose of resource reuse and prevent excessive packaging Ii. Design features of packaging Tea packaging design is influenced by the atmosphere of a nation's traditional civilization and the atmosphere of contemporary civilization. The packaging design with tea culture can reflect the rich cultural connotation and regional characteristics, and reflect the national character. Third, the embodiment of corporate culture Packaging is a silent salesman in the process of product sales, directly affecting the sales of products. Therefore, in the tea packaging design, the product features are highlighted, the packaging structure is novel and unique, to attract consumers to buy so that producers and dealers see the real economic benefits; Break through the fierce competition in the market, enhance economic growth. Iv. Pay attention to regional cultural differences in packaging design The main selling point of the product is the local characteristics, so the product packaging design must show the unique cultural connotation. Product packaging design should pay attention to the use of local cultural elements, in the production process should have a unique production process, in the visual effect should show cultural differences, that is, to a certain extent to show the local characteristics and ethnic customs of the region. Cultural differences in packaging design is the basic selling point of the product, but also the most important feature.
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