Customized tinplate mooncake box packaging - enhance

by:Changda     2020-06-15
I. As an old driver in the mooncake iron box packaging design industry, Shangzhimi packaging believes that customizing unique mooncake packaging is very important if the two points are achieved: 1. The packaging should be unique and beautiful, which requires more thought and investment in the design. It's an immutable law that the more beautiful something is, the more attention it gets. 2. Packaging is fun; Packaging needs to be fun, partly by creative design and partly by the shape of the packaging and the printed pattern. Two, the brand has the brand slogan, the product also must have the product slogan. And the main expression of product slogan is product packaging text design. Product packaging text label to show the brand cultural value of the most direct channel, but also the carrier of interactive communication with users. No matter the unique beauty or interesting pattern, the purpose is to attract the attention of consumers; Increase consumers' desire to buy. Take octagonal and circular mooncake boxes as examples (below). Its box type design is unique, and the patterns are beautifully printed. The brand LOGO adopts the convex process to increase the uniqueness of the box. You can design a product slogan and pattern on the package of moon cake. For example: beautiful moon, chang 'e and the jade Rabbit pattern. Three, moon cake box packaging copy design It's the social age of the Internet of Things, and social is a big thing. Good products also need a good packaging copy, it is for social sharing. Take the product as a social material, and the packaging copy as a social language, so that consumers can take photos and share them with others. For example, & other; Musang King durian mooncake box;
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