dangerous bacteria found on mall food trays

by:Changda     2020-06-15
In some Vancouver, harmful bacteria detected on reusable plastic food trays are up
The CBC survey found regional shopping centers found on toilet seats.
A swab taken from a tray at the food court at three shopping malls was sent to Bob Hancock, a microbiology at Columbia University in the UK, who analyzed the sample.
Participating shopping centers include Pacific Center in downtown Vancouver, Royal Park in West Vancouver and Metrotown in benabi, Hancock said: \"The bacteria we see on some food trays and
Taking the swab from the gas station toilet for comparison, laboratory technicians did find pathogens of similar types and quantities.
Hancock says a bacteria found on some food trays can be particularly dangerous.
\"There is a fairly large number of bacteria called immobile bacteria,\" Hancock said . \".
\"Immobile is one of the super bacteria in our society, and it brings a big problem to individuals around the world because it is very resistant to antibiotics.
\"A tray in the Royal Park and a tray in the center of the Pacific Ocean found an immobile.
Ultan kampuf, general manager of the Pacific Center mall, said the cleaning staff wiped the tray after each use and disinfected the tray every night.
\"Our service providers have very high standards that meet acute care facilities,\" Kampff said . \".
\"Having said that, we always have the opportunity to revisit our procedures and processes to see if we can do better.
Both Royal Park and Metropolitan responded to the CBC\'s test results, saying they had strict cleaning methods.
Despite some serious pathogens, Hancock said, they are not the main concern for healthy people.
\"The number of bacteria transferred from the tray, even within the range of hundreds of bacteria, are not sufficient to cause disease because we have a very efficient system in our body to remove bacteria.
\"Mall managers say that while local health authorities have the same cleaning standards for food venues as restaurants, the pallets themselves do not set standards because they do not mean direct contact with food.
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