Design cosmetic iron box packaging design guide

by:Changda     2020-06-16
Few industries have as much potential to develop loyal customers as beauty and cosmetics. Beauty products are hot sellers all over the world, and in the age of looks, almost all men and women are using beauty products. This means that if you have a beauty or cosmetic product line, it is possible to do some serious business. But it also means that if you want your unit to sell like hot cakes, you need to find a way to break the ice and stand out in the fierce competition. The best way is exquisite packaging. The packaging of your cosmetics is the first thing consumers see. If your packaging gets their attention and says what they want, they'll probably take your purchase home and give it a try. If you don't? It may be ignored on the shelf. How do you design a package that will impress consumers? Throughout the &; Don't worry, there is a professional design team, innovative design can make your packaging all the information needed to promote the sale of goods. Prepare before you design Before proceeding with packaging design, the following points need to be clarified: 1. Define your sales customers It is important to know for whom you are designing. Who is your ideal customer? Are they as obsessed with the girl spark as they are with boy bands? Are they women of color who want to wear makeup that matches their skin tone? They are men's men, but want soft skin for babies? Once they know who they are, what are they looking for in cosmetics brands? What grabs their attention? 2. Define your brand identity The identity of your customers is just as important as your identity. What is your brand? Is your product of high quality? Simple and classic? Who you are and the personality you want to show your customers. Determines which design elements you use in your packaging. 3. Define how the ideal customer will buy your product You also need to think about how to sell the product. Do you sell online or in store? In small boutiques or large retailers? Your design strategy may vary, depending on where you want to sell. Second, let cosmetic packaging trends inspire you If you need some packaging design inspiration, there's no better place to start than by researching the latest cosmetic packaging trends. Once you understand the current trends, you can create the packaging to address the current issues that are important to the customer and communicate them in the right way. Remember that you want a look that is both modern and popular, but timeless and universally appealing, so your packaging design should be kept up to date for as long as possible. Here are some of the cosmetic packaging trends we see everywhere today: 1. Complex line drawings Using fine lines and lots of detail to make complex drawings is a beautiful trend in cosmetic packaging forever. Especially the flowers and hand painting effect is very good, can be cleverly placed in a specific area, but also can cover the whole product. If you want to reduce your femininity, but want something elegant and delicate, then a more geometric, clean and cool painting style may suit you. If your brand pays attention to detail, or if you're looking for a subtle and elegant way to present what's inside the package (through the ingredients used to draw it), this trend is perfect for you. 2. Unique custom fonts The bold font trend we see in graphic design naturally extends to packaging. Unique fonts can give your packaging a lot of character. Typography is the perfect way to express yourself as a brand person, and processed typography can make all the difference. Whether it's retro, bold statement or quirky, the unique font is sure to stick in people's minds. 3. Bold graphics Loud stripes and versatile color combinations, bold pattern trends will make your packaging jump off the shelf. Reasonable layout, eye-catching patterns make your packaging popular, and give the brand confidence, young appearance, make you different. Irregular patterns in particular are a recurring trend that can give your packaging an edge. But that doesn't mean your brand has to be young and loud to take advantage of this trend: abstract patterns can work for any brand as long as you choose the right colors and shapes.
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