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by:Changda     2020-06-22
As the saying goes, behind will be beaten, but regardless of the consequences of development is really good? If not innovation development may be stagnant. However, blindly follow suit to develop & other Innovation & throughout; May also lead to the backward road development of the enterprise faster, many enterprises may have not realized that, tin box factory must have sober cognition on this. Just like a small production batch of tin box of customized business, blindly follow suit for change and innovation, the equipment and technology companies spending a huge sum of money to buy the production efficiency higher automated production line equipment, if the enterprise can't match the number of orders and production, so, will cause the rise in production cost greatly, enterprise production operation will be more difficult. Similar this kind of grasping the management and the new innovation model, a failure, completely unworkable. Reality really don't lack of actual case like this, because don't know the actual development of enterprise itself, make the enterprise in the continuous innovation and reform in the plight of their mining deeper, production-oriented enterprises must take notice. Feasibility and pertinence, innovation, therefore, must have the innovation method is practical and matching of present situation of production enterprises, the key point to consider is the innovation. Whether to modify the old production equipment parts of the innovation, the innovation of the project or the introduction of new equipment, the enterprise must start from their own actual situation, be sure to keep in mind, not blindly follow suit to horse does not suit the development of the enterprise actual project innovation, otherwise counterproductive, allows businesses to produce more serious consequences. This, tin box production enterprise must to enterprise itself a rational cognition and discrimination. If must implement enterprise production equipment and the technical innovation project, be sure to follow & other; Applicable, efficient, economic and high quality & throughout; Principle, formulated a series of management measures after landing, step by step, rational innovation. Would buy machine production equipment procurement is completely different from other goods, if blindly purchase to make it into production, found that innovation equipment is not suitable for their own factory production characteristics, cost to stop wasteful just too late. When preparing purchase automated production line equipment, therefore, must be the first to market a detailed investigation, fully understand and grasp equipment such as market situation and the actual application, the preliminary determination machine after purchasing intention, and then to a certain argumentation and evaluation, is the enterprise management the necessary control measures. So, tin box factory before implementing innovation plan of the enterprise, must put our heads together, through various channels for innovative solutions to make the necessary research, analysis and assessment, confirm good innovative solutions and the adaptability and compatibility of this enterprise, to do the final implementation of decisions, so as to more effective guarantee enterprise innovation plan for better results.
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