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by:Changda     2020-06-13
From the reaction of babies and cats, sometimes the gift box is more interesting than the actual gift inside.This could be the case of this delightful gift box in the shape of this gingerbread house.The roof falls off to reveal a holiday gift after which the gift box can be re-used as a toy house or standIndividually decorated.
You can even use it as a storage box for holiday decorations.It\'s a good idea.Choose a rectangular carton with flaps.The box used in this example is 12x10x6 inch.Create-The frame roof line of the house, we will use shorter flaps.
Mark the center point at the top of the flap with a pen and draw the line from the bottom angle of the flap to this center point.Use a hobby knife to cut off the side triangle of the flap.Repeat with another short flap.Completely cut off two longer flaps so you have only two triangle flaps left.
Measure the length and width of your roof and cut an extra piece of cardboard so it is about inches larger on all sides.Gently run a hobby knife in the center of this piece of cardboard, enough to score, but not hard enough to cut this piece of cardboard in half.Bend the cardboard on the score line and you will have a sloping roof.
Put it on the main box to make sure it fits.Cut a door and two windows in front of the house with a hobby knife.You can choose to make Windows only for the front, or you can add them to the side.
Don\'t worry if your cut isn\'t too straight at this point.The paper cut will cover the defect.Cut out a door from the color card paper, making it a little larger than the door you cut out of the cardboard.In addition, cut the window frame from the card paper larger than the window opening.
These door and window frames will cover any uneven edges in the cardboard.Cut the pane in the card Library-It is much easier to cut four windows in card paper than cardboard.Decorate the frame of the card frame with white fluffy paint.
Fluffy paint is perfect for this project as it looks like gingerbread house freezes.Although it is designed for fabric, it works well on paper.When you are doing this, make a decoration above the door.
I cut two candy sticks and a whirlpool candy and decorated them with fluffy paint.Glue these decorative elements on the carton with heat.The gingerbread house is a sugar coat drawn in a fan-shaped pattern.
Using white fluffy paint, add a fan edge around the window frame as the edge and corner of the box.So your gift recipient can\'t peek into the box, cover the opening of the window and door with some colored scrapbook paper, and stick it in the box.This piece of paper adds a bright color to the gingerbread house.
Starting from the center line of the roof, draw large fan-shaped waves with fluffy paint.Repeat on the other side of the roof and draw a fan wave in the opposite direction.When the swollen paint on the roof is dry, it\'s time to add round candy drops to some brightly colored pizzeria.
For candy, cut out circles from different placesColor cards.I used a half-inch ring-This is much easier and more precise than manual cutting.The hot glue sticks the colored circles to the roof, and the colors alternate over time.
After putting your gift in the box, place the roof on top of the gingerbread house and secure it with some hemp ropes.I sometimes get comments like this that it is futile to wrap the gift in the creative box, because it will be torn to pieces anyway.Worry not!The good thing about this gingerbread gift box is that it is easy to open and not destroyed because the roof has just come off.
The gingerbread house can then be preserved for future holiday seasons
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