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by:Changda     2020-06-17
The company prides itself on producing sustainable beverage packaging that is smart, functional and compelling. Beverage cans offer unparalleled benefits. They are 100% infinitely recyclable, lightweight, robust and economical. Aluminum cans are the current brand and consumer favorite packaging, cooling speed, is the world's highest recovery beverage containers, unique stacking capacity and high cube efficiency make transportation and storage simple and efficient. 1. It can meet the environmental protection problem In addition to its unique sustainability credentials (such as unlimited recyclability and versatility), metal packaging has many other factors that influence the environmental requirements of beverage can/food tin products. To simplify the complex interdependence of sustainability in the jar life cycle, Sammi Packaging aims to become a jar manufacturer with the goal of reducing environmental pollution. 2. Light weight, Lightweight cans in the packaging industry will be a major trend in 2020. According to the data report of the research institute, the successful cases in the past year include: By being lightweight, we have reduced the amount of aluminum used in the world's metal beverage packaging business by more than 30,000 tons. This is equivalent to saving more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, or 21,000 cars a year. The beauty of the packaging in the recent launch of ultra light tea canisters. This was a major change in the manufacture of tea canisters. It was the first 155ml tin and weighed less than 40g. The ultralight product USES about 5 percent less metal than previous products. We continue to improve the technology for smaller diameter canisters, resulting in a weight reduction of about 15%. 3. Convenience of packaging What if you could get the portability, recyclability and freshness of the can, but not give up the refill advantage of the bottle? Sammi Packaging manufactures the lighter 500ml aluminum beverage cans on the market, and we have successfully partnered with multiple customers through other available technologies. Compared to this alternative, our cans use about 50 percent less aluminum, thus significantly reducing our environmental impact. Based on more than 10 years of knowledge in aluminum/tin can manufacturing, we began manufacturing Coca-Cola's profiled aluminum beverage cans in 2015. Thanks to the close collaboration of our customers and the dedication and teamwork of our innovation and operations, this new bottle is outstanding both within the company and in the retail space. Formed cans weigh about 15% less than competing products, which hit the market in 2015. In doing so, it has made a valuable contribution to Coke's ambitious goals.
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