Does Changda provide ODM service?
Hangzhou Changda Can Tool Co., Ltd. can provide ODM services. We have the ability to create fully customized international candy box based on customer requirements. Experienced development teams here will guide customers through the entire ODM process, from selecting materials and creating designs to defining final specifications. Our factory has the most advanced assembly and testing facilities, providing flexible manufacturing requirements and complete custom services.

Changda offers a high-end range of cigarette tin products like cigarette box. The metal tin containers is one of the main products of Changda. The workmanship of Changda metal tin containers is of high quality. The product has passed quality inspection and testing in terms of joint connecting quality, crevice, fastness, and flatness that are required to meet a high level in upholstery items. It is totally airtight and not impervious to light. The product has a good sealing effect. The sealing materials used in it feature high airtightness and compactness which does not allow any medium to pass through. It has been heat-treated for sterility.

Our goal of tin box set is set to achieve common progress and development of our team. Ask online!
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