easy patchwork fabric-covered gift box

by:Changda     2020-06-11
Patchwork fabric-
The covered gift box is a simple and affordable way to dress up any gift bag.
They are also ideal for storage.
The total preparation and assembly time of the project is about 2-
3 hours, depending on the size of the shoe box.
Material: shoe box, or any other small box, with a removable velcro fabric scrapsWonder, ironing board on the bottom or other fusible mesh *
Buttons, Rafiya, etc.
* The easy melt mesh is an easy melt mesh interface where you can combine two fabrics together or combine the fabric to another surface by heating.
It can be purchased in the package, or it can be purchased by the yard anywhere where the interface is sold.
Direction: assembled fabric-
The covered gift box, basically you will iron the fabric pieces on the shoe box.
When assembling my box, I found it easier to first iron the melted mesh onto the fabric and then cut the fabric into the desired shape.
The network strengthens the fabric, and the needle is cut more cleanly through the fabric.
Select a piece of fabric and cut a piece of melting net to fit it.
With a warm iron, along the direction of the melting net, iron the net to the wrong side of the fabric.
Don\'t remove the paper back.
Next, cut the fabric into the desired shape with a needle cut.
The normal Velcro cut can also work, but the nail cut gives the fabric an edge that is not easy to unlock.
Some rectangles, some squares and some triangles can be cut when cutting the shape.
The number and size of each is up to you, but you will find that some fit better on the edges and corners than others.
Long rectangular pieces are better laid along the top edge and reduce the number of pieces needed to align the top.
Cut the pieces from several coordinated fabrics.
After you cut off your clothes, start ironing them into the box.
Peel the paper off the melting net, place the fabric on the side of the melting net on the box and press it with an iron.
In order for it to stick well, you may need to check it several times.
I start at the top of the box, all the way down.
Fold a piece of fabric on the top edge of the box.
About 1 inch of mine.
First iron the side inside the box.
Fold the pieces outside the box and press again.
Continue the overlapping part until the box is covered.
Cover the lid of the box in the same way, starting at the bottom edge.
When you\'re done, look for the small dots you missed, add fabric blocks until the entire surface is covered.
You can\'t make any mistakes. . .
It should look like a patchwork quilt.
Look at the spots that appear on the edge of the fabric on the box, then gently place the iron on it.
Sometimes it takes a few times to have all the edges lie down.
If you later find a stubborn place that doesn\'t want to stick to it, just apply a little glue on it and hold it down until it gets caught.
You can decorate your box with buttons, Rafiya bows, etc.
I stuck a corrugated cardboard heart to it with a hot glue gun, and then I stuck a Lafite bow to my heart.
Add some paper towels to the inside of the box to add the gift.
I put a stack of handmade little cards on my desk and tied them to a bow with a Rafiya.
This box is a gift for a friend who likes to write a friend\'s letter.
You can also use these boxes for storage. . .
Photos, letters or anything you want to store in a beautiful box.
These are great for using up the fabric scrap around you. This fabric-
The covered box is very easy to make and has a great addition to any gift.
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