Effect of color on the packaging design of iron

by:Changda     2020-06-18
Color has an important psychological impact on consumers. Whether it's conveying organic origin or encouraging buying behavior, this is how the colors designers choose for boxes, bottles and labels affect sales and brand loyalty. Here, we look at a few inspiring examples of packaging design that make color stand out. From tea tin boxes to berry purple cereal tin boxes, you'll find a variety of designs that can inspire your own colorful packaging ideas. 1. The green Green is the color of growth, regeneration and cleaning, and is the preferred color for brands that want to provide healthy, nature-centered quality to their designs. Dark, olive or pure green is often used to promote tea and health products that help communicate natural or organic sources of food. Lighter and lighter green also has a vivid quality, so that a variety of products more vitality and vitality. In the green tea brand packaging design cooperation, the packaging has shifted to its signature green, so that the packaging has a retro elegant style. Design packaging for food or beverage brands? Green is associated with nature and growth and is a great color choice. 2. The pink The rise of millennial pink, delicate, playful and, recently, popular, is one of the most fashionable colors in the world. Cosmetic packaging is an ideal choice for brands that want to position themselves in a rapidly developing, trend-setting market. The red tones are loved by consumers and are fun and bring joy to the packaging design. In this example, pink is the hue commonly used by women's cosmetics brands when paired with adjacent red. With a striking brand logo. Pink is an unusual and surprising hue that creates an interesting retro atmosphere for these can designs with the combination of red and yellow. 3. The red Red is passionate and primal, a timeless color that attracts my attention and action. I see & throughout; Color. If you want to transform a bland brand or offer a product that might otherwise have a dull look and glamour, red is the right proposition. It also has a warm energy that can bring romance and emotion to packaging in some cases. Red is often associated with the holidays, so it's a great choice for holiday gifts and seasonal products. A series of gifts from the holiday gift brand created a simple eye-catching red box to attract the attention of consumers.
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