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by:Changda     2020-06-15
Packaging design revolves around us wherever we are. The real challenge is to create a product that stands out from the crowd and doesn't cost a lot of money to produce. And there is more concern than ever about environmental impacts. & other; Too much & throughout; Packaging or environmentally unfriendly materials will increasingly be opposed by potential customers. In a challenging economic environment, it's safe to say that packaging design is not an easy task for retailers right now. However, designers have risen to the challenge. In this article, we have summarized outstanding examples of packaging design to inspire you and guide your work. For more advice, please contact us, where you can find convenient free online packaging design resources. For more inspiration, check out our roundup of the best print ads, or explore our top graphic design trends. 1. Mooncake packaging design A recent project of moon cake brand Meixin has seen its in-depth study of the connotation of traditional Chinese culture, with the aim of realizing it in the new packaging design. The perfect balance between tradition and modernity. . To target young Chinese, the idea is to move beyond the visual effects of traditional gifts to modern health approaches. Its design concept was inspired by & LDQuo; Realize the traditional cultural inheritance in healthy food. , whose packaging design provides a modern feel to traditional shapes. Through continuous prototyping, these forms were combined with organic cell structures to produce a stacked package with interlocked ridges, bold colors and patterns designed to create an outstanding appeal in a busy retail environment. 2. Cosmetics packaging design High-quality cosmetics brands want packaging that is both timeless and compelling. Branded cosmetics companies, inspired by the current pop culture of production, combine messy hand textures with vibrant palettes and clean layouts. The result is that the brand's new visual system puts complexity first and evokes the appropriate organic undertone. The challenge of hand-making a large number of stains with different tools and selecting the right stain for each box was also the most interesting part of the process. Throughout the &; 3. Tea can packaging design With the growth of tea market, I want to make my brand stand out in the fierce market competition. It needs a brand new package to attract attention while maintaining its existing consumer base. A solution should be worked out. First, it decided to choose brand-new cans, put tea leaves in jars to add appeal, and then steer consumers to buy. Now, each caddy style has a bright palette, each with a different palette, and its images and stories highlight the unique product to & LDquo; Enhance the overall brand awareness. . The naming of tea leaves is a key part of the story, adding character. The modular design strategy applies to all applications in clothing, advertising, digital and social media.
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