father\'s day gift box

by:Changda     2020-06-12
Your father should get something special, shouldn\'t he?
So why not give him something unique this time?
Why not go beyond the usual tie, handkerchief or jewelry gift set?
The World Wide Web has a library full of unique and wonderful Father\'s Day gift box ideas for special men in your life.
In fact, what else is more unique and wonderful than the gift you made yourself?
Of course, your dad will be happy to receive what you have worked so hard to do, won\'t he?
For example, give him a Father\'s Day gift box containing your own desk.
Of course, it\'s much easier to simply buy one at your local department store, but doing it yourself will bring more personal feelings to the project.
You can easily make your desk with Paris plaster, water, Vaseline, plastic foam balls, paint and a few basic items such as a mixing bowl, a mixing kitchen utensils, and a milk box
First, prepare the corresponding Paris plaster.
Gently stir until well mixed.
Next, cut the cardboard container into two and the bottom half is about 3 \"or 4\" high.
Apply Vaseline to the inside of the carton to prevent the plastic in Paris from sticking to the carton.
Pour enough Paris plaster into the milk box and tap the carton on the table gently to make sure there are no more bubbles.
Now cut off the foam ball so it has a flat side.
Apply Vaseline to the rounded part of the ball and push it into the plaster of Paris.
Put some paper on the flat side and keep it back.
Before removing the foam ball and carton, let the plaster of Paris dry, and then smooth the surface of the block with the diamond board.
Now you can draw it in the color you choose.
As you can see, making this unique gift box for Father\'s Day is definitely worth all the experience.
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