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by:Changda     2020-06-17
Keep the flavor fresh when storing and transporting chocolate, cookies and candy to win customers' satisfaction. One of the most important factors is packaging, because if the food is affected by external factors such as temperature and humidity, the following points should be kept in mind when choosing the packaging of perishable food: 1. The properties of chocolate Chocolate does not mix well with water or liquid, which is why it needs to be kept in a dry place. It starts melting at 88 degrees Fahrenheit and burning at 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature for storing solid chocolate is 50-70 degrees with less than 50% humidity. Another feature of chocolate is that it absorbs odors, so it must be firmly insulated. Chocolate depends on freshness and maintains a rich texture. Important environmental factors that can damage chocolate include light and air. Oxygen and light cause chocolate to oxidize, which changes taste. But dark chocolate, with its high antioxidant content, has little effect. Finally, the key element of packaging chocolate is the sealing condition and preventing light from entering the box/can packaging. If chocolate is exposed to air, it will spoil and cannot be sold. The more the packaging prevents oxidation, the longer the shelf life of the product. Similarly, when chocolate is exposed to light, the food will be damaged and appear white spots, unable to be sold. 2. Why do perishable items have to be layered Usually, foods (chocolate, cookies, candy, etc.) are packaged in layers to protect them from environmental factors. Packaging must be strong enough to prevent insects from entering and must be protected from extreme temperatures. The candy must be wrapped and then further protected in other packaging. Laminated packaging can come in different forms, such as small bags, which can add moisture protection. Protective film can be used to isolate food from ULTRAVIOLET light. Chocolate attracts insects, sometimes they penetrate plastic bags. The inner layer is usually made of aluminum foil or plate paper to help preserve the flavor. In most cases, the outer packing is made of metal. In recent years, the packaging industry has been working on improving the design of heat-proof packaging. Food must also be protected from shocks and vibrations during distribution. The physical barrier of corrugated metal packaging can protect more delicate foods. Heat resistant packing For many years, the packaging industry has been developing confectionery insulating packaging. The current solution for chocolate is still aluminum foil, which is useful because it can take the shape of any food and can be made into flakes. Foil is a convenient choice for packaging a wide range of foods due to its various thicknesses. Metal (aluminum) packaging is more effective at blocking environmental elements than most other typical packaging materials. Food packaging materials must be evaluated according to chemical, biological and physical processes. Glass and different types of metals can act as chemical barriers. Plastics also provide sufficient separation capacity, but are not always suitable for a certain level of permeability. Metal, which is more flexible, has proven to be an effective solution for packaging snacks. 4. Tinplate is also a useful solution for blocking gas, water, steam and light. Tinplate is light and strong, making it ideal for transport and storage. It's even cheaper than aluminum. Plastic has many USES in food packaging, especially thermoplastics, which can be used for unique packaging and shaping. One of the main reasons plastic is widely used in food packaging is because of its low cost. But plastics have a poor environmental balance in terms of carbon dioxide and recyclability. The reason not to use paper, because the paper does not have heat sealing. When in contact with food, paper is always treated or coated with other materials, and even if the packaging process has improved over the past century, sustainability issues are likely to lead to all sorts of new laws in the next decade. Ultimately, the packaging industry will continue to evolve toward the most effective solutions.
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